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Researchers discover the origin of “extraterrestrial mummies” found in Peru

Researchers discover the origin of “extraterrestrial mummies” found in Peru

When they were found, the pieces were destined for a UFO science conference in Mexico (Photo: Peruvian Ministry of Culture/Reproduction)

Experts and authorities in Peru denied the discovery of “strange mummies” in the country. In an announcement on Friday (12), researchers reported that after scientific analysis of the human dolls found in October last year, they concluded that the materials were made from the bones of wild animals.

These figures in Andean clothing were found in a cardboard box and were considered at the time “evidence of extraterrestrial beings.” The dolls' destination will be a conference in Mexico featuring “extraterrestrial human bodies.”

At a press conference, Flavio Estrada, an archaeologist at the Peruvian Institute of Forensic Medicine and Forensic Sciences, said that analyzing the numbers allowed him to identify that they were made of animal and human bones stuck together with synthetic materials. In addition to the dolls, Estrada also denied the existence of a human figure with a hand with three long fingers, supposedly found in the city of Nazca.

The press conference did not clarify whether the destination of the cut would be the conference in Mexico held by journalist and ophthalmologist Jaime Moussam. At this event, he presented bodies believed to be aliens.

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