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Meet Steve from AI running for Parliament in the UK

Meet Steve from AI running for Parliament in the UK

If artificial intelligence (AI) seems to be going everywhere and being integrated into everything in the United Kingdom, they want it in Parliament. Meet Steve, the AI ​​candidate.

In the race for seats in Parliament, the United Kingdom developed AI Steve, a new AI system that includes Steve Endacott's image and chatbot capabilities. Neurotic voice.

Throwing AI to the "wolves" is not the intention, after all, it does not perform its functions alone. Its "face", Steve Endacott, will continue to contribute his human side while harnessing the benefits of AI.

AI Steve stands in Brighton and Hove in Sussex under the independent Smarter UK party. This AI chatbot will lead conversations with voters in Brighton and Hove and take into account what they want or look for in future British policies.

Meet Steve from AI running for Parliament in the UK

Despite the initiative, AI doesn't exactly represent the physical side of things. One of their creators, Steve Endacott, will take them to Parliament if elected.

via AI Steve official website, voters can talk to him and discuss policies and governance. In fact, this is the specific aim of Entacot, which was achieved in conjunction with Neural Voice.

In Steve Endacott's view, having an AI Steve to answer any question voters may have will help improve democracy and bring voters closer to politics.

As AI runs into United Kingdom Parliament, US fears technology's impact on upcoming elections:

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