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The Senate committee approves nominees for ambassadors to the United States, Cuba and 6 other countries

The Senate committee approves nominees for ambassadors to the United States, Cuba and 6 other countries

Maria Luisa Ribeiro Viotti, Ambassador-designate to the Brazilian Embassy in Washington (USA) | Photo: Photo: Jefferson Rudy/Agnasia Senado

This Thursday (11) the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee debated and approved the recommendations made by President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) to the embassies of six countries represented in two bodies. Names go to the full forum for analysis.

The only woman among the nominees, Ambassador María Luisa Viotti was approved for the Brazilian Embassy in the United States, considered one of the most important posts in the country’s diplomacy. During the sabbatical, he pointed out that Brazil and the United States have become closer on issues such as strengthening democracy and combating climate change, as well as America’s participation in Amazon funding.

“The United States considers Brazil an increasingly relevant actor for global challenges such as climate change and the search for peace,” he pointed out.

Ambassador Cristian Vargas has been named to the Embassy of Brazil in Cuba. He indicated to the commission that the Caribbean country would work to pay off the debt with Brazil with loans for works on the port of Mariel. According to Vargas, Brazil will grant new loans to the Cuban government only if current debt is paid.

Ambassador Sergio Franca Danes was recognized as Brazil’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York. He is currently serving as the country’s ambassador to Peru.

The CRE recognized the name of Julio Klindernik Bitelli, Brazil’s third largest economic partner, for the embassy in Argentina, its largest neighbor.

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Check out other appointments approved by the commission this Thursday (11):

Embassy Consulate (Vatican) – Everton Vieira Vargas

Ambassador in France (and overall, Monaco) – Ricardo Neiva Tavares

Consul General in India (and Bhutan as a whole) – Kenneth Felix Hasinski

Embassy in Egypt (and Eritrea as a whole) – Paulino Franco de Carvalho Neto

Brazil’s Permanent Representative to the International Civil Aviation Organization – Michael Arslanian Neto

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