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Renato Gaucho plays down the cries of Flamengo fans for Jorge Jesus: "It's normal" |  flamingo

Renato Gaucho plays down the cries of Flamengo fans for Jorge Jesus: “It’s normal” | flamingo

– It’s very normal when you work in a big club, the last coach came here and he was successful. Big club fans will always remember the coach who won, it’s part of our profession. The coach will not always win them all, he will remember the man who worked here and worked for a few months and won important titles. But I’m already vaccinated, and the fee will always be there.

– When I was contracted by Flamengo we were in three competitions. Today we were eliminated in the Copa del Rey, the group is upset, we are sad. We have some possibilities when we are in the final of the Libertadores – he added.

Renato Gaucho, Flamengo coach – Photo: Andre Durao

The next Flamengo set on Saturday, against Atlético MG, in the Maracana, for the Brazilian Championship. David Luiz has a chance to come back. The club’s technical committee will determine the player’s status from Thursday.

Other answers from Renato:

Do you regret mentioning “200 million”?
The cast is very strong, it’s very good. Every coach loves a team like that, it’s part of our life. Jorge Jesus himself was here and lost, and the Copa de Brazil also left. After that he won the Brazilian Nationals and Libertadores. We are always being accused. In football, unfortunately, when he does not get the result that he expects, especially when it comes to the game of Flamengo, the demand is always high.

Is only Libertadores left?
We have chances in the Brazilians, they are far away. We are sad, upset about the exclusion. We still have some chances in the Brazilian national team, starting tomorrow we will turn the page and think about Atlético-MG. As long as you have a chance, let’s fight.

How do you prevent it from shaking?
– It’s a decision more, it’s a decision every three days. As long as we have chances in the Brazilian national team, let’s fight. Flamengo play the Copa Libertadores final on the 27th. Until then, we will get our players back.

Continuity of work
– That’s up to the board. We have to play, we have to develop, we know that, to keep devoting ourselves, because this team is a dedicated team, training at home, training more, and always wanting more. So, it’s not a defeat that we’re going to throw everything away. We understand the crowd, and we know it’s disappointing.

Andreas’ position
– Oftentimes you surprise an enemy by doing something different, that’s what I tried to do by making Andreas more open, with Bruno at the head of the defender alongside Gabriel. It was a way of trying to surprise Atletico. Unfortunately, they went there three or four times and scored three goals. The ball didn’t want to go in today. We came out of a competition where we really wanted to get to the final. I understand the revolution of the masses, who always want to win. The moment a team like Flamengo leaves a competition like this, fans are not satisfied at all.

Elimination of Atletico – PR
– If there is a criminal here, that only culprit is me. All my responsibility. The group was not responsible for anything. Atletico went four times and managed to score three goals. Flamengo has created more than 20. An unorganized team can not create such.

Disorganized team?
– The responsibility is all mine. The group is not responsible for anything. Atletico went there three or four times and scored three goals. If you look at the chances, you will find that Flamengo has more than 20. An unorganized team does not create much. Unfortunately, for us today, the ball didn’t want to get in.

harassing the crowd
– I’ve already had the vaccination, I’ve worked in big clubs, I know about the charge, especially in a club like Flamengo. When you don’t get a review in Maracanã, the shipping is normal. Tomorrow there will be another coach here and he will be assigned. Our life is like this, the only culprit is always the coach. And I will always rid my group of blame, they are not responsible for anything. If there’s anyone to blame here, in any way, it’s called Renato Portaluppi.

physical wear?
– So far we haven’t stopped. But if I talk about physical wear and tear, people will say I make excuses. There are no excuses. We play a resolution every three days, the players are sometimes in a good phase, sometimes in a bad phase. that happens. But this is all my fault.

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Flamengo’s future in the season
– We have some chances in the Brazilians. As long as there are opportunities, we will fight. Starting tomorrow, we will be considering Atlético-MG. As long as there is an opportunity, let us fight, and strive. On the 27th of next month, we have a decision from the Copa Libertadores in which there are only Flamengo and Palmeiras. Let’s prepare the team for this final.

Do you think naming names is fair?
– Yes, they are fair. At a big club like Flamengo, the moment you don’t get the result the fans want, the charge comes in. I paid for it, forget the flamingo, I’m the culprit. The demand is always there, the admirer is the passion. I learned from a friend of mine that football comes in one word: victory. When it loses, the charge is too high. When he wins, everyone is good and excellent. It’s a part, it’s a natural thing. Anyone who does not know how to live with this is unfortunately the wrong profession.

– Image: Disclosure

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