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Neymar jokes about the Brazil match and says he is in weight: “The shirt was J” – 09/03/2021

Neymar Refuting two criticisms in one Instagram Stories post at dawn today (3): About the poor performance of the Brazilian team in 1-0 victory over Chile as well as about Presumably far from your best physical condition.

“Did we play well? No! We won? Yes! Brazil did not win seven consecutive World Cup qualifiers, a feat achieved against Chile.

Neymar’s job after the victory of the Brazilian national team

Photo: Reproduction / Stories

As for the physical factor, Neymar made a remark in the post: “The shirt was J, I’m already in my weight. In the next match I’ll order an M shirt,” he wrote, between laughing emojis, noting that the images in the seemingly “inappropriate” can That would be the fault of the loose-fitting shirt.

Neymar played 100 minutes of the match between Chile and Brazil (90 + 10 extra), but he managed only one serve, as well as two wrong shots. He has accumulated other negative stats, such as three correct dribbles in eight attempts, 22% passing fouls and 28 ball losses according to official statistics.

The 10 shirt’s behavior was also subject to criticism in the match against Chile. In the last stage of the game is Engage in a heated discussion with defender Maripan And he had to be fired by colleagues and CBF staff.

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