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Renato Gaucho avoids talk of relegation at Gremio

Renato Gaucho avoids talk of relegation at Gremio

Hey Association Defeated by its biggest competitor, internationalin Classic played in Curitiba On Saturday (22), it remains in the relegation zone. With six consecutive stumbles BrasileiraoCoach Renato Gaucho tried to find explanations for the situation. Always controversial, he chose to downplay the scale of the crisis, calling for reinforcements and showing confidence that his team would soon turn things around.

“If I didn’t feel like I could do that, I would have left already. But sometimes we lack some elements in some positions. A classic match arrived and you put a defender in front, and we see the difficulties facing the group. Diego (Costa) I was going through a difficult period.” “. It was a really good stage and it was painful. I was trying with JP Galvão, and everyone was criticizing, but then, would anyone do anything different? “I have to try to improvise and look for alternatives. I did not do that. Unfortunately, there are times when I improvise or continue with the team on the field. The lack of these pieces often leads to a negative result, and I guarantee that, but we have to wake up because the Brazilian tournament is a very treacherous tournament.” .

“Talk about relegation is very, very early. The tournament is difficult, but that did not occur to me. The talk from the last match is still the same. In a short period of time Gremio will return to its place. But until this is done to get out of this situation… Today there is no one “Good, this is the reality. You have to change the coach. The players are not able to play. Good, but he wins, so it’s good when he doesn’t win. We have a group, president, vice president, executive, everyone is in the same boat.”

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The coach also took the opportunity to highlight the difficulties faced by Gremio playing away from home, due to the climate tragedy that struck Rio Grande do Sul in May.

“I will say that we have been away from our home for about 40 days and they will say, ‘Here he comes with the same letter.’ Everyone who comes from Porto Alegre has to bring a medicine box. Everyone has flu, fever, low immunity, but no one cares about that. They think no Someone misses his children, his friends, his dog, his beer, his relaxation, and then someone goes and says: “But Internacional?” In the tournament they are finished and they go to see their families and children, and they live their lives normally. We leave and go to the hotel, and get on the plane together, and this phase will end soon, and luck will return.

According to Renato, his team’s performance is not bad, but he is going through a turbulent moment in which he lacks luck: “Results do not come, but luck does not come either. After a short period of time, luck will come. We have followed the matches of the Brazilian championship. There are teams that do not play at all, but they You win, but soon the ball starts coming, we’re not going to lose all the time. What are we going to do? It’s bad, I’m leaving, it’s okay if I get in the way. Sometimes the guy sees things I don’t see With patience or everything changes, I will never get in your way, you can be sure of that,” he said, noting that there is no fine in his contract. “I will work, I will not steal. I will not take advantage of any situation. I don’t have a fine. If I decide to take my bag and leave, I’ll go, just like everyone else.” If I’m on the road, I’ll leave without a problem. Either we get closer, join hands, and get out of the situation, or everything changes.

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The situation is so complicated for the Tricolor team that at one point the coach chose defender Rodrigo Ely to play in the attacking sector. During the press conference, he explained his choice to journalists.

“Who are you going to pay? There are times when you need people who at least know how to head the ball into the penalty area. Rodrigo is an excellent heading player. Internacional practically puts extra defenders to defend themselves. What is the alternative? Play the ball into the goal area in the last minutes to see what happens So you can see how far I’ve come, as I had to play as a centre-forward, people either see it or they don’t, I can’t do anything. I’m complaining and I’m going to buy into the hype because I don’t want them to criticize now. We have to look around We see alternatives. There is no point in trying to put children on the field and giving them responsibility at the wrong time, but they also suffer from a lack of experience, and that is part of the matter. Continue.”

With only 6 points added, Gremio are now preparing for a clash Atletico-GONext Wednesday (26), away from home, in a direct confrontation against those in the last positions in the table.

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