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Corinthians Live has 140,000 internet users and lasts 4 hours

Corinthians Live has 140,000 internet users and lasts 4 hours

NS Corinthians Celebrated in great style since its 111 years of establishment. The club’s live broadcast for fans lasted over four hours, peaked at over 150,000 simultaneous internet users on Youtube and saw the announcement of four sponsors and the unveiling of the shirt numbers for newcomers Willian and Roger Geddes.

Prepared by the club’s marketing department, in the character of supervisor Jose Colagrossi, participated in the live show “A Fiel vai Invade” pagodaby MC Hariel and singer country side Felipe Araujo. On Youtube, Corinthians have activated the “Super Chat” function, which allows Internet users to make payments from 1 R$ to 500 R$ so that their comments can be displayed on the screen. The board hasn’t raised the amounts yet, but there have been thousands of payments.

Of this money, according to the rules of the platform, 70% remains with the owner of the channel, in this case Corinthians themselves, and another 30% is kept by Youtube. In addition to interacting with fans, The club introduced new recipes With the arrival of Mercado Bitcoin, in the jersey of the main team, Spani Atacadista and Atroveran Hot, for the women’s team, the Totvs, in Basketball. Alfinegro did not reveal the details of the negotiations, but he ensured that sponsors were vital to the signing of Giuliano, Renato Augusto, Roger Geddes and Willian.

During the live show, presented by former player Milen Dominguez, journalist Evan Mori, comedian Alfiniti and former goalkeeper Ronaldo Giovannilli, Corinthians activated all other sponsors, recalling partnerships with each of them and, in some cases, offering discounts on products.

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Finally, President Duilio Monteiro Alves and Director football Roberto de Andrade presented the 10th shirt to attacking midfielder Willian, who came from Arsenal. Forward Roger Guedes also took part in the party, making an unusual choice for the number 123, but he clarified that the number is related to the date of birth of his son.