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Renato Aragão loses the right to use the “Didi” trademark…

Renato Aragão loses the right to use the “Didi” trademark…

Renato AragãoThe 88-year-old comedian who has captivated generations of Brazilians is facing difficulties using the “Didi” brand. The comedian is prohibited from using the name he made famous on television to launch products and services. This appears to be the end of an era that lasted about 60 years of ownership.

It was purchased by a Chinese company

According to the Newspaper – which shared information from journalist Ricardo Veltrin – the Didi brand has been acquired by the Chinese company Beijing Didi Infinity, the same project that previously acquired the Didizinho brand.


Generally, National Institute of Industrial Property INPI notifies the owner of a duly registered trademark well before his or her rights to the trade name are about to expire. Therefore, the owner has the possibility to resort to appropriate renovation measures.

Renato Aragão and Dede Santana in Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, 1972. Image/Wikimedia Commons | Reproduction

However, in the case of the Didi brand owned by Renato Aragão, there is no information on why the comedian did not renew the contract to preserve his rights to the brand. Diddy has been synonymous with comedy and family entertainment for decades, and is now under new management. This could mean radical changes in the scope of use and dissemination of the distinctive brand.

It is not the end

However, despite losing the rights to the trademark, the comedian from “Os Trapalhões” will still be able to use it without legal obstacles. This happens because the process only prevents Renato Aragão from assuming full control of the Didi brand. The Chinese company also cannot, by law, prevent the Brazilian comedian from using the trademark on products and services on which the trade name previously appeared.

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On Tuesday the 12th, Renato Aragão announced to the public his official return to the stage with a musical about Didi’s life: “Adorável trapalhão: O Musical”.

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