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Remo wins again with a goal

Opportunity often helps embody effort and perseverance. Paulinho Curuá paved the way for yesterday’s important Remo victory over ABC with a special goal, unusually so. Fate wanted him to position himself along the penalty area line and be ready to grab the rebounding ball with a perfect strike, half aero and almost without a jump. A great goal, definitely one of the best in the tournament.

The goal, right at the start of the game, is to make the blue quest for victory a little easier. ABC has one of the best defenses in Serie A. Fully modified by Gerson Gusmão, Remo has surprised his fans with a resolute stance in fighting for the ball in all corners of the lawn.

At the top level, Bruno Alves appeared again and created a solid choice on the right side, opening the way with speed and power. Brenner centralized the actions in attack and made the pivot at many moments, although he was the preferred target of Butteguar’s defense segments.

Before the end of the first half, Leandro Carvalho reversed his position with Bruno Alves and started running to the right. On the first maneuver, he dodged two, went to the base line and passed low. With the beam wide open, Brenner threw himself in, but arrived too late.

In the second half, with striker Gustavo Franca on the field, ABC became more present in the attacks. He created two dangerous situations, the rookie pushed the Carlos costume with his feet. At first, Henin almost played for the net. After that, Gustavo himself reached the area and hit a corner, but the goalkeeper showed the courage to dodge the goal.

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Before ABC started to complicate matters and spoil the blue night, a fine move between Leonan and Leandro saw the full-back advance into the area. Dribbling the tags, he was eliminated and Brenner took the penalty calmly and safely, making it 2-0.

After that, Remo took control of the game, avoiding exposure and closing the scoring lines. Kuru, who played well alongside Ochoa, was relegated to the last streak along with Daniel Felipe and Marlon.

Vanilson replaced Brenner, Neto replaced Bruno Alves, Eric Flores replaced Anderson Paraiba, and Marcel replaced Leandro Carvalho. The team didn’t change the line in defences, followed hard to the finish and still had an excellent chance almost at the end, when Eric stole a ball inside the ABC zone and passed it to Neto. The striker took a free kick in the right corner, but the goalkeeper saved it.

A well-deserved victory, capped by an almost flawless performance in the defensive sector and inspired the participation of the attackers. Absentee was midfielder Anderson Paraiba. Unsafe and uninspiring, he didn’t find the right positioning and still misses many passes.

The most important point is that the score preserves the ranking chances for Remo, and you need to add seven points in four matches.

Boogeyman suffers defeat, but remains the deputy commander

For a few minutes in the initial phase it seemed that the PSC might surprise Vitoria in Barradão. Marcelo Toscano received a pass from Robinho in the 14th minute and touched the exit of goalkeeper Dalton, who saved it with his fingertips. It was the highest score in the entire first half.

Despite the crowd’s support, Vitoria looked stuck, with no effective exits to face the PSC sign in front of the district. Luidy, Eduardo and Dionísio were the most used, but the attack hit Wesley’s barrier and Joao Vieira did not bother Bruno and Leonardo Douglas.

In the second half, Serginho hit a long shot that almost missed the Vitoria goalkeeper. Toscano headed near the crossbar. Under pressure from the stands, Vitoria decided to leave for the match and began to create difficulties for the PSC.

He advanced in his defense and thus raised errors that were followed by Joao Paulo, who replaced Patrick Berry. On the third foul, Dionisio recovered the ball and made a perfect short shot for the Weedy to open the scoring, with a low shot.

With yellow Bruno Leonardo, coach Marcio Fernandez made a decision that will cost Boogeyman dearly. Put Marcao on the field. In less than a minute, the defender hit his opponent and was awarded a direct red card.

Without Wesley, who was injured and replaced by Gabriel Davis, the PSC saw the structure created to make up for the absences of Jenilson, Mikael and Jose Aldo. Douglas still took an aerial kick, but the score didn’t change further.

The score was on the bi-color radar, but it’s undeniable that the team has been losing consistency since the defeat to Aparecides, with always performing below expectations. It’s time to stop the falling process.

Agoya and Jabem die embracing in Siri D

Pará’s representatives in Series D had a similar fate, unlike what was conceived at the start of the competition. Tuna, with an erratic behavior, ended her participation with a thrilling victory (5-3) over Tocantinopolis, in Sousa.

Meanwhile, in S. Luís, Castanhal collapsed to Moto Clube, losing 2-0 and relegating to sixth place. The disqualification was a harsh punishment for a team that has dealt with instability since their coach – who traveled to CBF Stadium – left for three rounds.