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realme 7 5G: Is the cheapest 5G cell phone in Brazil also the best?  |  analyzing

realme 7 5G: Is the cheapest 5G cell phone in Brazil also the best? | analyzing

a Realme 7 5G It is the turbocharged version of the Realme 7 It brings connectivity from our generation without paying a fortune for it. Is this the only difference between the two models? Let’s check it out.

The design is quite similar between the two versions, only realme 7 5G’s wider camera block. Both have a 6.5-inch IPS LCD with a resolution, but this model has 120Hz for more fluidity than just the 4G model. It is a pity that the brightness is not high and the contrast is disappointing. Stereo sound will also be welcome as seen in Realme 7 Pro.

The performance is very good, whether for running popular apps or even switching between many – thanks to the 8GB RAM. The performance in games is good and you will not see realme 7 5G struggle to run any game, but do not expect to see many titles using 120Hz for your screen.

The battery was a big surprise. Since this brings the same 5,000 mAh, we expected to see similar autonomy to the 4G sibling. The good thing is that realme 7 5G is the cell phone with the kind of connection that provides the best autonomy that we analyzed. The charging time is also very good and it takes just over an hour to fully charge the battery.

Cameras do the basics and can record good daytime photos, although HDR is limited. Realme 7 5G does not disappoint you in dark scenarios and we did not see the red color issue in the videos as it happened with realme 7 4G.

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Is it worth buying Realme 7 5G or do you have better options for 5G phones in Brazil? To find out the answer, just check our full review via the link below.

Realme 7 5G is not yet available in Brazilian stores. To be notified on arrival.