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Ramon Diaz makes a sexist comment after Vasco's defeat: “It's complicated that VAR has to decide a woman” |  Vasco

Ramon Diaz makes a sexist comment after Vasco's defeat: “It's complicated that VAR has to decide a woman” | Vasco

Coach Ramon Diaz after the defeat Vasco For Bragantino, he criticized the refereeing of this match and the team's debut in the Brazilian League. In Bragança Paulista, on Wednesday evening, at the Estadio Nabi Chedid, the Vasco team suffered its first setback in the Brazilian championship: 2-1 against Massa Bruta (a goal by Vigeti for Vasco, Vitinho and La Quintana for the home team).

Ramon Diaz makes a sexist comment after Vasco's defeat: “It's complicated that VAR has to decide a woman”

The coach made a sexual comment in the post-match press conference. He said that “it is complicated that the one who decides on the video assistant referee is a woman,” as was the case in the Gremio match on Sunday.

– Regarding the referees, we can't say much. There is VAR. In the last match, at home, a woman, a woman, interpreted the penalty kick in a different way. Football is different. Basically, VAR is decided by a woman. I think it's complicated, because football is so dynamic, there's so much pressure, so fast, with such quick decisions. Today I don't know if the referee awarded a penalty kick to our winger. “That hit and hit, I don’t know if it was a penalty either,” Ramon said.

Thirty minutes after the end of the press conference, the coach looked for journalists at the exit of Nabi Abi Shadid Stadium, and said that it had been misinterpreted, indicating that he meant that “only one person cannot make the decision.”

Ramon Diaz says he misunderstood a sentence about the referee: “I apologize”

The move called for by Ramon refers to the match against Gremio, four minutes into the second half and sparked controversy in the VAR booth. On that occasion, Galdamis complained about the absence of Gremio defender Rodrigo Illy inside the area. When reviewing the play, Diane Muniz, the match's VAR official, initially deemed there to be a penalty kick, but backed down and did not recommend the review.

Check out VAR's analysis of Gremio's Rodrigo Illy's potential penalty kick against Vasco

– In their second goal, we retreated and did not apply any pressure. Vitinho found it very easy to finish the match. If we had applied more pressure we could have avoided the kick. These are the things we have to get right, we have to do, we have to improve. Regarding arbitration, I have already said that it is difficult. Because VAR makes the decisions. In the last round, there were many arbitration errors. This must improve.

Regarding the match, Ramon Diaz said that both teams created opportunities to score and win the match. The coach confirmed that Vasco participated in the match, but they must continue to add points, especially at the beginning of the tournament.

– The team needs to play more calmly, and our team needs to play calmer, more relaxed and play more competitively. We still have a long way to go, but we have to get the points. I don't like losing, I like getting results. Especially at the beginning of the tournament. The coach said: We have to get results from the beginning.

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He is undergoing treatment and is recovering. Let's hope he's 100% this week and next. Because they saw every match as very dynamic, with a lot of rhythm. He didn't play for a month and a half, and he didn't compete with us. So we want to prepare him well so that he plays well when he plays again.

Match analysis
-The first goal was a bit of a lucky goal for them, not much creativity, but a fairly rare and somewhat difficult goal. But then Vasco reacted, we had an unbelievable situation. We searched, pressed, attacked well and created situations. We even reached the goal with very good play and good creation. I think we are analyzing well whether Vasco will develop. It's growing, it's growing in its form, in its style. We are happy because we compete very well.

Youth use of the norm
—We have now incorporated some young people, and that will certainly help a lot. We work with a lot of youngsters and the team also has the opportunity to try out some players. Ryan, Adson, all the young boys who have their experience and are looking to the future as well. I'm definitely very happy because even though it was a defeat, if we analyze the two goals carefully, we weren't completely unlucky. Especially in the second goal, he shoots with his head, dribbles and heads towards the goal. Not that they created winning situations and I think it was Vasco's best moment in the match.

Al Rayyan Guidelines
— We saw that we would have the advantage and we had to be deeper on the right and left. Lucas Bitton was very good, Paulo Henrique too, we overcame a lot today, we had a lot of situations. I asked him (Ryan) to be on the wing because, during our recovery period, we needed to go deep and reach the goal. That's why the players were happy, and so were we. He was sad at the end. In the end, after the goal, Vasco had to keep insisting, look for the goal, not fall back too much, and be more powerful in the middle. We will correct all of these things.

The departure of Joao Victor
— He took a big blow to the knee and it was a time when we couldn't take any risks. The player must be 100%, with everything, so that we can continue in the match. But it's ok.

Hugo Moura
– He's a midfielder. Paulinho and Jair have been injured. We need to strengthen there in the middle. We are glad he came and he will definitely help us. He will have to adapt to our style and way of working. He is a player with the characteristics that we like. So, let's help him so that he can perform well and have a good tournament.

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