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“Don’t come with this talk that you can’t”

Colorado Radio Gaucha’s reporter, Lily Bortholache, strongly disagreed with Mauricio Sariva’s opposition to the provocation led by Patrick, holding the blue coffins, right after Inter 1 x 0 Gremio, on Saturday, in Beira Rio, by Brasileirao – the result brings Grêmio closer to what it would be The third drop in its history.

Live on Rádio Gaúcha, after the classic, Lelê cited several recent provocations by Grêmio and left a message for Saraiva: “Don’t come with this chat you can’t”.

“That’s it. Inter was superior and should have been more than 1×0 this Gre-Nal. I want to respectfully disagree with my colleague Mauricio Sariva. Because this endgame joke, the coffin, the little song, is part of it. These Grêmio players did Pagode made against Inter players, and they sang a minute’s silence there in another country when we weren’t even in the same league. A while ago at Gre-Nal the “tractor” stole the Inter flag from the corner and went in front of the Inter fans. And everything was beautiful. Now you have to take it It can’t be rotting. Inter are in their court, the players went to celebrate with their fans and the Grêmio players had to go to the locker room. Don’t come with that talk you can’t. Yes you can,” he fired.

Listen below:

Due to confusion at the end of the match, Patrick and Cortez were sent off by referee Marcelo de Lima Henrique and embezzled Inter and Gremio, in the middle of the week, against Juventus away on Wednesday and Fluminense at home on Tuesday, respectively – both Brazilian matches start at 9:30pm .