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Rafael Ramos has been arrested for racial slur against Edenelson and released on bail

Rafael Ramos has been arrested for racial slur against Edenelson and released on bail

The Portuguese right-back Rafael Ramosby Corinthians, pHello arrested in the act by civil police officers late on Saturday night, in the dressing room at the Beira-Rio Stadium in Porto Alegre. The player was charged after midfielder Edinilson of Internacional filed a criminal complaint against the player, Claiming to have been called a “monkey” by athlete During the 2-2 draw between the two teamsabout Brazil. single payment On bail of 10 thousand Brazilian riyals, he was released.

This information was confirmed by delegate Carlo Vitarelli, who spoke to reporters shortly after the Internacional player’s testimony. He explained that since the Corinthians athlete is accused of racist slurs, unlike the crime of racism, which cannot be bailed out by law, he could have been released on bail.

Rafael Ramos spoke briefly with the press before leaving Beira Rio. According to the Portuguese player, the situation was a misunderstanding and confirmed that he spoke to Edinilson after the match.

I am here with a clear head and a clear conscience. It was just a misunderstanding between me and Edenelson. I spoke to him at the end of the match and explained to him the truth, what I said. He told me he was afraid to appear like a liar, but I told him he wouldn’t be a ‘liar’, he misunderstood what was said. We shook hands and that was it, ”said the player, and then left the place even before the press asked any questions. Minutes later, he also appeared in the networks.

In an official note, Corinthians say the club heard Rafael Ramos and presented a different version of the one offered by Edinilson. The Sao Paulo club affirms that it rejects and does not condone racism. The statement said Corinth and the full-back “will continue to cooperate with the authorities, confident that everything will be clarified as soon as possible.”

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understand the issue

Midfielder Edinilson from Internacional, Claims to have been called “Monkey” By right-back Rafael Ramos during the second half of the 2-2 draw with Corinthians, for the Brasileirao. The match proceeded normally, but at the end of the match the Colorado athlete decided to file a complaint against the Corinthians player.

According to Edenelson’s social media account, he searched for Ramos in the locker room and asked the side to apologize. The Portuguese player was apologizing “for any possible insult”, but not for the racist term.

The match referee, Braulio da Silva Machado, stated in the match summary that Edenelson had told him that Rafael Ramos was going to say “f…se monkey” to him, but the Corinthians player did. “And…… you c…*”. Also according to the referee, the match went on without any kind of punishment because he could not hear the real sentence due to the noise of the crowd and the distance separating him from the athletes.

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