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Radical changes and political indicators that may take Lula’s Petrobras to “rock bottom”

Radical changes and political indicators that may take Lula’s Petrobras to “rock bottom”

Magda Chambrellard, the head of Petrobras, recently made major changes to the company’s management. According to herself, Chambrellard stated during the inauguration ceremony that she is “perfectly aligned” with President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

These changes included the replacement of several executives in key positions, which raised concerns among functional staff and members of senior management. In place of those dismissed, Chambrillard expanded political appointments, appointing people close to the United Federation of Oil Workers (FUP) and the Workers’ Party (PT).

According to Malo Gaspar’s column in O Globo, the replacements occurred mainly in the areas of exploration, production and engineering at Petrobras, which are crucial for managing oil fields and contracting equipment and services. In total, there were 12 changes in senior management, affecting the company’s operational structure.

Petrobras changes and political appointments

Among the new names at Petrobras are the former energy minister of Rio de Janeiro, Wagner Fecter, who will take over the executive management of the Buzios field, and the professor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Eduardo Costa Pinto, who will be responsible for managing partnerships and exploration and production operations.

The changes should also include the appointment of Flavio Fernando Casa Nova da Mota to the executive management of surface systems, refining, gas and power at Petrobras, who is responsible for tenders for the construction of platforms, refineries and gas terminals, which generate $14 billion annually across the United States.

In addition to reaching the production target of 2 million barrels per day, Vecter will also have the task of reducing gas reinjection in the Buzios field to feed the Rote 3 gas pipeline, which transports gas to the Marica (RJ) region, sources linked to Magda Chambreyard said.

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Eduardo Pinto, who arrived at Petrobras last year as a special adviser to Jean-Paul Prats, has no executive experience in the oil sector. However, he will be responsible for managing all of the state-owned company’s partnerships with other companies, managing the company’s portfolio, assessing field performance and making decisions on projects worth $1 billion.

Pinto is a researcher at the Institute for Strategic Studies on Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (Ineep), an academic entity affiliated with FUP.

When consulted, FUP President David Basselar praised the appointments of Pinto and Victer.

The replacements raised concerns behind the scenes at Petrobras, because the fired executives were seen as technically competent and potential candidates for future management positions. However, people close to Magda tell the blog that the people being replaced were young, and that the new CEO was looking for more experienced professionals.

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