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Volvo will start charging – at a cost – to recharge at charging stations

Volvo will start charging – at a cost – to recharge at charging stations

Starting next Wednesday (10), Volvo will start charging recharging fees at the charging stations installed by the brand. According to the Swedish company, the fees will only apply to vehicles from other manufacturers, which are responsible for around 75% of recharging operations, and owners of electric and hybrid cars from Scandinavia will be able to use the points without any kind of fee.

The prices are scary and far from the average — from R$2 to R$2.50 — for other private charging stations across the country. The automaker will charge a one-time connection fee of R$2.50 at the start of using the fast charger and R$4 per kilowatt-hour.

In addition, there will be an idle fee of R$5 per minute (with a tolerance period of 15 minutes and charging starting from minute 16, on fast chargers on highways), which will also be charged to Volvo customers as well.

“We have helped pave the way for electrification in Brazil, and we are pleased to follow the growing integration of this project beyond our brand. As a result, the infrastructure for servicing electric vehicles is expected to mature further. This is a new step necessary for us to continue developing in a safe and comprehensive way, as well as improving our services, monitoring and coverage,” notes Marcelo Godoy, President of Volvo Cars Brazil.

The Swedish company began installing chargers across Brazil in 2017, with wallbox models and strategic points, such as shopping malls, markets and public parks, reaching a thousand points in 2021. The following year, it began implementing fast charging infrastructure and installing its first highway charging station, announcing an investment of R$70 million.

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The brand’s idea is to install 101 fast charging stations across the country. So far, 52 points have been installed, totaling, according to the Swedish company, 19,000 kilometers of roads and 37 connected routes. In 2023, 40,000 recharging operations will be carried out, equivalent to 1 million kilowatt hours of consumption, which for Volvo confirms the decision to charge.

“We thank all customers who use our charging station network, including consumers from other manufacturers, who account for 75% of recharging. In order to continue our commitment to providing the best service to Volvo customers, we would like to thank them in particular and confirm that they will continue to have access to charging for free.