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R7 votes for Finance 2023 + Poll for who comes out in the second field

R7 votes for Finance 2023 + Poll for who comes out in the second field

It’s a shaping field! Tonzão, Sander and Laranjinha are all on the second farm of Fazenda 2023, which was formed on the night of Wednesday 4 October. Then find out how to vote in the R7 Finance 2023 poll and select your next elimination. The result will appear soon.

Watch the partial poll of those leaving

A Fazenda 2o23 Poll – R7 Finance Vote for 2023

Fiscal R7 vote 2023

Knowing how to vote in the R7 Finance 2o23 vote is the only secret to participating in the official decisions of the rural reality show on Record TV. This week, 3 walkers will face off against each other in a popular vote to see who will go to the farm.

To announce who has left the competition, presenter Adriane Galisteu will only take into account the votes submitted in the R7 poll, the official online portal of Record TV, which asked who should remain in the program.

Voting remains open until moments before the official announcement of the deletion. To vote correctly, follow these steps:

Step 1: First visit the official Fazenda 15 page on R7.com. The easiest way to do this is to visit https://afazenda.r7.com/a-fazenda-15. There, in addition to official polls, Internet users can access major reality news and exclusive information about their favorite participants.

Step 2: Then, at the top of the page, find this week’s official farm poll, then choose who should continue on the reality show.

Step 3: Next, select the option that contains your favorite participant’s name and photo, and then a second page will open on your computer. There, choose the “I’m human” option – which might ask the user to solve a simple puzzle, to prove that voting is not being done by a bot.

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Step 4: Wait for the vote to be confirmed.

It is worth noting that all forms of interaction in Fazenda 2o23, such as voting for R7, are a free and unlimited activity. This means that the user does not need to create any registration or make any kind of sign-up and can vote as many times as he wants. To vote more than once, simply repeat the process.

Elimination Fazenda 2023: date, time and how to watch

How to vote for R7 – the 12th farm – is not the only important piece of information following the fifth elimination of the Record TV reality show. Knowing the date, time and how to watch the deleted pawn ad is also essential for fans of the reality show.

The farm is scheduled to be announced during the live program on Thursday, October 5, which will be broadcast at 10:30 pm (Brasilia time). To watch, there are two official ways: on TV and on PlayPlus – the official streaming service of Record TV.

On TV, there are no secrets and you just need to listen to the channel at the specified time.

For those who prefer to continue filtering online, simply sign up for PlayPlus – which can be free. In the free format of the platform, which requires registration with name and email, you simply click on the “On Air” tab to be able to access the same TV signal and thus follow the live version of the program.

However, for those who want a more complete version, Record TV offers plans in which the subscriber can access signals from exclusive cameras located within the headquarters. In this format, transmission occurs 24 hours a day and the user can also monitor pedestrian coexistence during breaks on the open channel.

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Now that you know how to vote for R7, catch up on major news about the reality show on DCI.