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"The family is also envious";  Naldo Penny, Strawberry's husband, blows up Dyolan's relatives after being moved by the lawyer's mother

“The family is also envious”; Naldo Penny, Strawberry’s husband, blows up Dyolan’s relatives after being moved by the lawyer’s mother

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Strawberry Shortcake and Deolane are allies in The Farm 14 and remain trapped in the game

Photo 1: clone / Instagram by Naldo |  Image 2: clone / Instagram by Solange Bezerra
Photo 1: clone / Instagram by Naldo | Image 2: clone / Instagram by Solange Bezerra

It seems that the fire in the hay is not only within the rural reality of Record TV. Last Saturday night (05), Solange BeziraAnd the Deulin’s mother, swipe production farm 14and even left for the singer naldo penneAnd the Pair of Strawberry Short Cakewho did not like to be mentioned by the mothers of the family of lawyers.

It turns out that Solange used the singer and his wife to argue about the alleged inequality that Deolane would live in confinement. She criticized the show for not playing the songs of MC Kevin, the late attorney’s husband, in the same way they always play Naldo’s songs by Strawberry Shortcake.

“It’s so disgusting what they did to Deolan. Every party [produção] He plays Naldo’s music for Strawberry Shortcake. They know about her history with Kevin, how much she loves him, and how successful Kevin is. They don’t have the decency and dignity to put together a Kevin song so you can enjoy the party a bit. What a rotten announcer, what a nonsense announcer,” Solange shot on Instagram.

However, the dancer’s husband did not seem to like what he heard. In his Instagram Stories, he shared Solange’s lines and portrayed: “Family is also envious”, Naldo said. The artist took the opportunity to pay tribute to the memory of Funkeiro, who passed away last year: “The utmost respect to my brother Kevin, I will always love you. Donna Val [mãe de MC Kevin] The utmost respect for you.”Been completed.

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