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Quinho do Salgueiro, one of the greatest voices of Rio Carnival, dies  Rio de Janeiro

Quinho do Salgueiro, one of the greatest voices of Rio Carnival, dies Rio de Janeiro

Quinho do Salguero, considered one of the greatest voices of the Rio Carnival – Photo: Divulgação/Prefeitura de Campos

Melkisediki translator Marence Márquez, known as “Quinho do Salguero”, died at the age of 66 on Wednesday (3). Quinho was one of the greatest voices of the Rio de Janeiro Carnival and gave life to the great samba music of Salguero.

“Quinho was not just a singer, but a poet who translated the essence of our school into notes,” Salguero posted on a social network.

“Quinho not only sang for Salguero, he lived and breathed every note, every beat of the drums' racing heart. He embodied the spirit of Salguero, and his absence leaves an indescribable void.”

Quinho was removed from last year's carnival to treat a tumor in his urethra. However, his name was remembered during the show by the audio car called “Quinho do Salgueiro”.

He said in an interview with, “Having an honor in your life, it affected me a lot. We are a small part of this hugeness called the carnival and samba school, and Salguero is my life.” RJ2in 2023.

At Rio's carnivals, the cries of “Rebia, salguero, bimba, bimba”, “Oh, how pretty, how pretty” and “How nice” have become the hallmarks of queño.

Quinho celebrates big carnivals in Salguero

Quinho began his work at the Boi da Freguesia, where he was called to compose the vocal vehicle for Aroldo Melodia at the União da Ilha do Governador in 1988. He remained there until 1990.

Throughout his career, he went to other schools in Rio, such as São Clemente, Académicos do Grande Rio, Emporio da Tijuca, and Académicos de Santa Cruz, in São Paulo, such as Rosas de Oro, and in Porto Alegre, such as Villa Do IAPI.

But it was with Salguero that he had his strongest connection. In 2009, he performed the song “Tambore,” with which he led the school to its ninth and final title.

Due to disagreements with the board of directors, he spent some time away and tried to run for president of the association. But his nomination was contested.

Quinho returned to Salguero in 2019, when he began sharing the audio car with Emerson Dias.

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