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Qualicorp and Inter sign partnership to sell adhesive collective health fund - 06/28/2021

Qualicorp and Inter sign partnership to sell adhesive collective health fund – 06/28/2021

In an unprecedented initiative for the sector, Qualicorp and Inter have launched a partnership to sell group health plans by sticking. The combination of the two companies will allow more than 11 million customers of financial institutions to purchase products from the healthcare operator’s portfolio digitally through the bank’s application.

“Without losing focus on Quali’s primary distribution channel, which currently includes more than 40,000 insurance brokers, the agreement with Inter represents another important step in the company’s transformation into a multi-platform, multi-channel company. Quali now has another critical partner on a mission to expand access to healthcare Good,” says the company’s director of financial and investor relations, Frederico Oldani.

Account holders interested in contracting the plan will be able to choose products offered on Quali’s platform by more than 20 health workers, such as Amil, Bradescoand Grupo NotreDame Intermédica, Hapvida, SulAmérica and companies in the Unimed system, among others.

If you are not affiliated with any professional entity, the customer can digitally associate a class association, according to Qualicorp Notification. Initially, it will be possible to join, through the application, seven entities associated with liberal professionals, public servants, students, business consultants, administrators, lawyers and law graduates. Membership in other professional categories, at this time, requires out-of-app support.

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