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Pygmy goats bring joy to those living in a UK nursing home

Pygmy goats bring joy to those living in a UK nursing home

TheHe, who lives in a nursing home in Essex, England, received an extraordinary visit from the Pygmy Goats last week to cheer them on this festive season, again different from the Govt-19 epidemic.

Users of the center were delighted to see the presence of the beloved animals, and the newspaper Metro reported that they would like to keep them as a Christmas present.

Images shared by family on social websites, showing the elderly with goats in their arms, giving them affection.

John Green, 95, told British Publishing that they were “too hot and fluffy” and wanted to get one for Christmas. Kathleen Stubbs, 83, saw them as “beautiful, absolutely beautiful.”

John Green was one of the users who loved the arrival of the goats© DR

Some three-week-old goats are owned by pygmy goats, and are part of a pilot program aimed at encouraging more vulnerable populations as more and more countries re-enact measures to prevent the spread of goitre. 19.

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