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Hit by HBO, the series broke the record of American audiences;  Learn more TV News

Hit by HBO, the series broke the record of American audiences; Learn more TV News

HBO’s greatest success since the end of Game of Thrones (2011-2019), the heir has surpassed the record of its own U.S. ratings by airing the final episode of season three this Sunday (12). The play, centered on the troubled Roy family, reached 1.7 million viewers on all platforms – linear television broadcasting and streaming.

The numbers for the last episode are 21% higher than the previous record (1.4 million) achieved in the premiere of the third season. Compared to the end of the second year, the difference will rise to 47%. Has published this information Canal premium.

The achievement was announced after the third year by winning five Golden Globe 2022 nominations, including Best Drama Series. Leading characters Brian Cox (Logan) and Jeremy Strong (Kendall) are in the running for Best Actor.

The final of the third year stunned the audience by turning on previously unaffected Tom (Matthew McFadyen) Kendall, Shiv (Sarah Snook) and Roman (Kieran Kalkin) and joining Logan. He and Greece (Nicholas Brown) are now part of the Roy Patriotic Empire led by Lucas Matson (Alexander Scorskard).

Winner of the Emmy Award for Best Drama Series for 2020, the successor currently bears the beloved stamp of the public and the press. Starring Alan Ruck (Connor), Peter Friedman (Frank) and J. Smith-Cameron (Jerry).

With a total of nine episodes, season three introduces newcomers Adrian Brady (The Pianist), Alexander Scorskard (Big Little Lies), Sanaa Lathan (The Affair), Linda Emond (The Blacklist) and Ji (Modified Carbon).

The heir has already been updated for the fourth season. Check out the third year trailer below:

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