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Putin says he will continue to strengthen the “nuclear triad”

Putin says he will continue to strengthen the “nuclear triad”

For the Russian leader, increasing the country’s arsenal is crucial to maintaining the global balance of power

Russian President Vladimir Putin said today, Friday (June 21, 2024), that he intends to continue strengthening… “Nuclear triad” from Russia. The term refers to the ability to deliver nuclear weapons from land, sea and air..

He added: “We plan to strengthen the nuclear triad to ensure our ability to deter and balance power in the world.” Announce The Russian President during a graduation ceremony for military officers in the Kremlin Palace.

Although Russia plans to increase its nuclear arsenal, it already remains the world’s largest carrier of nuclear weapons. Moscow possesses about 4,500 nuclear warheads, including 1,600 operational warheads and about 3,000 stockpiled warheads.

In his speech on Friday (June 21), Putin also stated that Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine will continue to receive modern equipment. He noted the government’s commitment to keeping the Russian army well prepared.

Putin’s statements came one day after the Russian returned from a visit to North Korea, where he met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. They signed a mutual protection agreement between the two countries.

On this occasion, the President of Russia He stated that the treaty “revolutionary” He said he did not rule out A “Military technical cooperation” With North Korea.

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