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How to Apply for the BRL 85,000 . Scholarship

How to Apply for the BRL 85,000 . Scholarship

The University of Saskatchewan Application is open to international students who wish to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate programs in Canada. In 2022, four scholarships of CAD$20,000, approximately R$85,000, and four scholarships of C$10,000, approximately R$43,000, will be awarded to non-Canadian students.

Composed of 12 faculties, it currently has around 3,380 international students. To ensure entry and continuity for these students, there are support programs for both international and indigenous students.

Saskatchewan is a public educational institution located in the city of Saskatoon on the Canadian west coast. For those who love snow, the region is located in the north of the country and the average annual temperature ranges from -19°C to 26°C (it’s cold!). Among the various subsidies offered by the university, a portion is aimed at indigenous people.

Scholarships in Saskatchewan

Since it is a public institution, the university tuition fee is comparatively lower when compared to other similar higher education institutions. For international students, bachelor’s degrees range from CAD 5,000 to about CAD 10,000 per year. in this linkit is possible to access the values ​​of each degree program.

For postgraduate courses, the investment is slightly lower. There are many programs that cost around CAD 900 and CAD 2,000 per semester. in this linkit is possible to access the values ​​of each graduate program.

For students from outside Canada, two scholarship opportunities are offered. International Baccalaureate (IB) Excellence Awards, worth CAD20,000, and International Baccalaureate (IB) Honors AwardsUniversity From the Saskatchewan International Excellence Awards10,000 Canadian dollars. Both are geared towards successful graduate students at the University of Saskatchewan. For postgraduate students, there are a number of scholarship opportunities Which can be found at the link.

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Partial scholarships. But in Canada, it is possible to work part-time during your academic training. The country maintains several policies to attract international students, so it ends up being very affordable for those who want to study abroad.

How to register

To apply for one of the scholarships, it is necessary to go through the normal admission process and pay the application fee. Applicants must submit the documents required in the first step to the Admission Department. Required documents include transcripts and certificates of competence. Saskatchewan accepts IELTS, TOEFL, CanTEST, CAEL, MELAB, PTE, CAE or Duolingo certificates.

Some programs ask for some application-specific details. Here you can find more information about these details. And the link to register. After completing the application, the student can proceed with the admission process and apply for one of the scholarships offered by Saskatchewan. Interested parties must apply by December 1st. Scholarship applications can be submitted until February 15th.

*Text “Scholarships up to R$83,000 for undergraduate studies at the University of Saskatchewan, CanadaOriginally posted on the Estudar Fora portal, from Fundação Estudar