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Public notice to Brazilians who received savings today (03/05)

Public notice to Brazilians who received savings today (03/05)

a Caixa digital social savings It is a simplified type of savings account, therefore it is an account created by Caixa Econômica Federal Exclusively for beneficiaries of various social programs to Federal government.

In this way, it is possible to understand that the Caixa digital social savings It is used to transfer benefits received from the government, therefore, its credit limit is R$5,000 per month.

Therefore, if the customer transfers an amount above the limit in his Digital Social Savings Fund account, the account may be blocked.

So, in the case of transactions over this amount, the account will not be a Social Digital Savings Account, it will just be an account savings Caixa digital account, within the general conditions for this type of account.

Various services in POUPANÇA

The operation of the Savings Social Digital Caixa is the same as any other savings account, where the customer can obtain various services easily and online.

According to information from the Caixa Econômica Federal, the Digital social savings Payments of coupons, transfers between accounts, withdrawals at lottery stores, ATMs, or mail from Box. In addition to physical or virtual debit card purchases.

a Caixa digital social savings It does not have any kind of fee. The transfer allowed through this type of account can be made between Caixa accounts and also via Pix.

Limits set by Caixa

According to Caixa’s information, the services Digital social savings Have some daily or monthly limits. Thus, the purchase limit on the Virtual Debit Card is R$1,000.00 per day. Moreover, send pix It is limited to R$1,200 per day and the maximum per transaction is R$600, according to Caixa Econômica Federal.

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Flexibility and fee waiver

However, if a customer needs to make transfers to other bank accounts, they have a maximum of three free transactions. To make cardless withdrawals, the limit is 2 monthly transactions without fees.

General notice to Brazilians with savings just came out today (02/05). Image: Disclosure.

In other words, it’s a fully flexible digital account in terms of fees, and it’s not much different from other possibilities of savings accounts.

Social benefits

a Caixa digital social savings Makes it possible to get different Social benefitsLike the Bolsa Familia. Previously, this account was used to receive emergency aid and Brazil aidFor example.

When citizens have a right, they receive the amount directly into their Caixa account, as this account is opened automatically. In this way, the account holder will be able to transfer it according to his needs.

As said, the client does not open a Caixa digital social savings. Because this opening occurs automatically when a citizen is entitled to some social benefits. Therefore, if a citizen is entitled to any benefit, he will definitely have a Caixa account open in the digital social savings method.

How to access digital social savings?

Your social savings account must be accessed via The Caixa Team app. After downloading the app, you need to enter your CPF and Caixa password.

At the top of the screen, the customer will see the savings account data and number, as well as other important information, according to official information from Caixa.

So, the client Caixa digital social savings You can perform many services, such as paying bills, using the virtual card in the debit function and updating your registration.

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In addition, the Caixa Social Digital Poupança account allows the customer to access important information about salary allowance, for example, as well as other possibilities offered by Caixa, such as cell phone recharge, insurance contracting and vouchers.