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Outro elemento destacado no estudo é como a tecnologia pode afetar a saúde mental -  (crédito: Divulgação/Toll Free Forwarding)

Projection shows how technology will affect human appearance in the year 3000

Published on 04/11/2022 17:54

Another element highlighted in the study is how technology can affect mental health – (Credit: Disclosure / Toll Free Forwarding)

With the rapid advancement of technology, humans are becoming more and more dependent on cell phones, computers, and televisions. This over-dependence has already been the subject of numerous scientific studies, which point to the effects this can have on human life.

To depict the emergence of humans in the year 3000, researchers at FREE SHIPPINGMindy, a US-based telecommunications company, has created an avatar that describes what humans will be like in less than 800 years – if they are still heavily dependent on technology.

Mindy was created with the goal of demonstrating the impact technology and dependence on mobile phones and computers have on the human body. According to the model, people will have a bent posture and claw-shaped hands, called “text paw”.

The projection also predicts that humans will have increasingly dense necks, as well as a “smartphone elbow,” at a 90-degree angle, due to positioning when holding the device.

It doesn’t stop there. The scientists also included a thicker skull and smaller brain in the avatar, as well as a second eyelid to prevent overexposure to light.

Psychological health

Another element highlighted in the study is how technology can affect mental health. The study shows the damage technology can do to human mentality, such as anxiety, stress and depression.

Recent studies have established a link between excessive Facebook use and poor long-term well-being. Social media is also responsible for the increase Children’s anxiety and depression.

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By means of a note posted on the website of FREE SHIPPINGDr. Sal Reichbach from Delicious Food Therapy CenterList some current concerns:Privacy, security and vices In technology are the main concerns when it comes to communication through technology. Technology has developed faster than police, politicians, psychologists or parents can keep up with.”

“What is clear is that using technology to communicate can make us more disconnected. Private conversations can be exploited with real consequences, including causing trauma or ending jobs. And the safety of our children or our businesses can be compromised,” he explains.

in business relationshipTechnology can also harm employee performance. The blue light emitted by the devices can deteriorate the quality of sleep. A lack of good quality sleep at night can affect several points, as sleep improves communication, creativity, productivity, stamina, reaction time, focus, memory, mood and much more.

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