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Prince Harry returned to England after King Charles III was diagnosed with cancer

Prince Harry returned to England after King Charles III was diagnosed with cancer

Prince Harry is preparing to return to England following news that his father, Prince Charles III, has been diagnosed with cancer. The information came to light this week, according to British news agency PA Media.

Instant communication

Harry, who currently lives in the US, has already contacted his father and plans to visit soon. Although the monarch's health is a global concern, she has chosen to keep most of the details of her diagnosis private.

Charles III and his cancer diagnosis

Buckingham Palace announced today Monday (5) that King Charles III has been diagnosed with cancer. However, out of respect for the monarch's privacy, the British royal family did not specify the type of illness.
A reliable source has informed CNN that Charles is not battling prostate cancer, contrary to initial speculation.

Details of King's health

Recently, Charles III underwent an operation on his prostate where “another point of concern” was identified. Since Monday, Charles has begun treatment to fight cancer and, on doctors' advice, has postponed public engagements. However, he will continue to work and do the paperwork, Buckingham said in a statement.

Positive among diagnoses

Despite the diagnosis, Charles III remains positive. He intends to resume his public activities as soon as possible. The monarch's openness about her diagnosis may come as a surprise to some, but the royal family has expressed a desire to avoid speculation and help public understanding of cancer.

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