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Prince Harry dressed as Spider-Man for a charity event

Prince Harry dressed as Spider-Man for a charity event

In a new video, the Prince Harry He appeared dressed as Spider-Man to attend an event for the Scotty Little Soldiers charity. With this, some fans confirmed that the royal family member is “living his best life” in Los Angeles, United States.

The prince has already supported the foundation on more than one occasion, and in this video, he’s delivering his Christmas message. Scotty’s Little Soldiers helps children and young adults who suffer family losses in military conflict.

“Christmas is the time when we really miss our loved ones. That’s okay, but at the same time, it’s possible for us to feel guilty about having fun without our parents. But I’m here to make sure our parents want us to have fun. Don’t feel guilty, you can have a lot of fun, especially with a community Scotty’s Little Soldiers”, reinforces in the video.

Fans on Twitter praised the Duke of Sussex’s stance. Some even commented that he is having his best moments.

“Prince Harry is living his best life with his family in California, paying the bill, buying a Spider-Man costume on Amazon Prime to shoot a kids’ video in the UK in his backyard,” one fan wrote.

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