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Left-handed Day: 15 Left-handed People You Didn’t Know

This Friday (13) is International Hardship Day. The appointment was made in the UK and aims to make people aware of the challenges faced by left-handers.

Left-handed is a person who mostly writes or uses his left hand. Left-handers suffered from a lot of prejudice in the past and even today many cultures discriminate against left-handers, as 90% of the world’s population is right-handed.

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In recent years, left-handed people have taken up space to claim things and tools developed exclusively for left-handed people. This date also serves to celebrate these accomplishments.

Even though they’re only 10% of the population, many celebrities and personalities are left-handed, and you (probably) don’t know. Take a look at the gallery of 15 figures, from artists to left-handed politicians.

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