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Popular brands go viral with April Fools ads

Popular brands go viral with April Fools ads

London – April Fool’s Day has become an opportunity for major international brands to mock their products and create memorable and humorous advertising campaigns, although not everyone likes to be fooled on April Fool’s Day.

Journalists sometimes take this the wrong way, as evidenced in 2021, when the press advertised that Volkswagen would change the name to “Volkswagen” as a sign of its commitment to electric cars. The idea was good, but ended up being a negative message for the brand.

Others are more talented, and have created ads for April Fools’ Day that have delighted consumers and gone viral on social networks, such as the McDonald’s Boots ‘announced’ this Saturday in the United Kingdom.

The fast-food chain kicked off April Fools’ Day by inviting all fashionistas to try the McNuggets boot, which is being offered as the season’s tastiest shoe. Later, another post warned the more distracted, an April fools prank.

Check out some of the most-remembered pranks of recent years – from concrete cushions to clever Lego bricks that prevent slipping. One of them is from McDonald’s.

A big Mac like you

In 2018, the chain took the idea of ​​product customization to extremes.

“My Big Mac” from the April Fools ad, posted in a video on social networks, used a special app that allowed the customer’s face from a selfie to be stamped into the bun.

Even Google indulges in April Fools’ ad pranks

How does software identify smells? Can you tell me the origin of a fragrance from anywhere in the world? The news was too good to be true and it must have been an April Fools campaign.

It was Google that decided to poke its nose into this topic, announcing that it has made the users’ aspiration come true.

In a super-detailed video, the brand said it had “amassed a database of 15 million centibytes of scents from around the world.”

A new product page was even created, technical descriptions were presented in a more convincing manner, and no one felt cheated. Until their jaws drop with an expression of mockery.

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Amazon not only offers books but also your favorite authors

It entered the history of literature – from the first of April. Rather than delivering books, Amazon has announced that it will deliver the author to your doorstep.

For this, while reading a book, the reader has to press the “Request space for author” key.

A video was created to announce the “new service”: “Your favorite teachers. Delivered to your front door.

An April Fools ad showed the service in action: requested by a reader, bestselling author Patricia Cornwell jumped off her boat and showed up at the reader’s door.

It’s surprising, but many fell for the joke. They must have been waiting at the door. But on April 1st, they learned that much of what was said was not written down.

The British brand advertised an ‘innovative’ mattress on April 1

Everyone wants the best mattress, but usually the solutions are in the realm of dreams. Until Happy Beds takes advantage of the first of April to present a more concrete solution.

In 2021, the company took advantage of the date to announce the world’s firmest mattress capable of realigning your spine once and for all.

An April Fools’ ad announced that the survey evaluated hundreds of material options to find the perfect mattress! Done…. Concrete!

So as not to look like a fakir bed, one of the claimed benefits is that the new mattress is completely resistant to bed bugs, insects and other unwelcome visitors. Also, the warranty is 50 years! A ridiculous story that can’t fall? Trust me: there were people who felt strongly.

Lego’s Smart Bricks

For anyone who’s ever tripped over Lego blocks strewn across the floor, the idea of ​​Lego’s 2019 ad was a relief: the pieces slowly move as the foot approaches.

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On April 1, 2021, the world completed a pandemic year, and many families are still living, working and educating their children at home under lockdown. An idea which, if true, would be most welcome to ease domestic tension.

Potato Chip Lip Balm

It was mouthwatering even though it was fresh on the lips. Pringles announced in an April Fools ad that left fans of the brand speechless: a potato chip lip balm!

That’s Potatoes: Lots of people liked the idea and wanted their own.

Success, however, turned out to be a hot potato for the brand, which had to explain everything as a delicious April Fool’s Day to consumers hungry for innovation.

Tinder versus those who sell themselves high on the dating platform

The idea of ​​Tinder deceiving users may be more worrisome to some – those who exaggerate their physical qualities to attract interest and set up dates: a height verification feature to avoid low-feats for cheating partners.

There were those who climbed into the enclosures with the novelty of shedding their fake extra inches. But if it is true, it will be a guarantee of finding suitable partners.

In the end the lie was revealed. And even without the checker feature, the search for true love continues.

A BMW ad on April Fools’ Day introduced the car’s power the moon

Another belongs to the world of the moon: in an advertisement on April 1, BMW introduced cars with “lunar paint” in the United Kingdom. Fans of the brand almost went into orbit when they learned that the new feature is capable of charging an electric vehicle using lunar energy.

At astronomical energy prices, you can save money by moon bathing your car!

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It seems like a crazy thing to do – and it was sad for those who believed.

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but it can come out of your phone.

With plenty of details, PayPal UK announced the news via Twitter on April 1, 2018.

Imagine: a phone resource to boost your financial resources When you’re in a tight spot, all you have to do is press the phone key to print bills.

In a well-crafted look at an April Fools ad, a pound sterling note emerges from an iPhone with a PayPal interface.

Poor of believers.

Elon Musk Bankrupts Tesla

In 2018, Elon Musk caused a stir when he announced that Tesla was bankrupt on April Fools’ Day. An electric car company has short-circuited and closed its doors.

But it soon became clear that the company hadn’t kicked the bucket, and that it was lying with short legs. The company’s sales continued to accelerate, as did Musk’s fortunes after buying Twitter.

But in this he clashed with fans on stage. Most wanted the takeover to be an April Fools’ hoax.