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Jimin of BTS debuted “Like Crazy” in the UK Top 10

Jimin of BTS debuted “Like Crazy” in the UK Top 10

Jimin. Photo: Disclosure

He knew he had won! Jimin In parallel, it is already reaping the great benefits of its work P.T.S. That is, apart from aiming for a better introduction Billboard 200 With the album “face”, the singer is creating history in various places. So much so, this Friday (31) is star K-pop broke the path #8 broke an incredible record for the music genre on the UK Singles Chart.

Photo: Youtube reproduction

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This is the first time a South Korean soloist has debuted It reached the top 10 in the UK chartsAnd earlier, when the song entered the top 30 last week, the artiste himself scored the best. “Set Me Free Pt.2”, At position number 30.

before that, j-hopeHis band also made UK chart history by securing the band’s first solo entry. P.T.S In the top 40, with his collaboration J ColeIn song “on the street”Reaches a great position: No. 37.

Photo: @dior (Twitter)

oh P.T.SCreated by J-Hope, Jin, Suga, RM, Jimin, V This is jungkookIt had previously achieved four UK top 10 singles “Dynamite” (#3), “Life Goes On” (#10), “Butter” (#3)) this “My Universe”Along with the British band Cool game (#3). last week, Jimin He became the fifth member P.T.S to score a UK Top 100 hit as a single.

Streaming success

With a total of six tracks, the work became the fastest-growing album for a South Korean soloist. 100 million plays on Spotify. This project which started last Friday (24) required and Only five days Get the mark. between Tracks Successfully, there are “Set Me Free Pt.2”More than 46.1 million is playing This is “Like Crazy”with 21 million.

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