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Poll Indicates Who Will Win After Strawberry Leaves TV News

Poll Indicates Who Will Win After Strawberry Leaves TV News

Elaine Cardoso, the strawberry shortcake, has been eliminated from farm 14 On Thursday (8) and missing the chance to win R$1.5 million from the record one week before the final match, Which is scheduled to be held on the next fifteenth🇧🇷 Until Tuesday (13), there will still be two more votes to decide the finalist trio. Who will win the season? Vote in the poll in this text.

Andre Marinho, Barbara Borges, Pia Miranda, Iran Malvinato and Pele Melfeloz remain confined to the headquarters in Itapesirica da Serra, in the Sao Paulo metropolitan area.

Although Cheyenne Hagbin and Thiago Ramos were sent off, in addition to Troubled withdrawals by Deolane Bezerra and Pétala Barreirosthe farm kept the history of the final match that was expected from the start.

Who deserves to win R$1.5 million? Vote in the poll below. The research has no scientific conclusion, it just indicates a trend on the part of viewers who watch the reality show:


Who will win at The Farm 14?

When does the farm end?

According to the information provided by Adriane Galisteu during the Tuesday (6) programme, the last two eliminations will take place on Monday (12), to form the top four, and on Tuesday (13), to determine the final.

The Swedes will be formed into an activity that collects all the infantrymen eliminated on Sunday (11). Whoever has the best performance gets eliminated by the first popular vote, but faces the last swindler, who will have a full fourth place. The final will be formed by the pawns who return from the second hot seat.

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And dirty clothes will be washed on Tuesday (13th), and the party is scheduled for Wednesday (14th). See the full table below:

  • 12/11: Activity with elimination + quadruple shed formation
  • 12/12: Elimination + formation of the summit 4
  • 12/13: Wiping + final definition + washing dirty linen with wiping
  • 12/14: Party with the finalists and eliminate them
  • 12/15: Program end

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