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Police discover husband killed his wife after analyzing an hour

Police discover husband killed his wife after analyzing an hour

A man has confessed to killing the woman after police confronted him with a series of evidence they collected from the couple’s electronic devices. They analyzed a cell phone and a smartwatch that tracks items such as calories lost and pulse rate, and found that data from the devices contradicted the original story told by her husband.

According to The Sun, Papis Anagnostopoulos, 33, a resident of Greece, originally claimed that his home was invaded by thieves who handcuffed and blindfolded him before torturing and killing his wife, Caroline Crouch, 20. One month old daughter.

But authorities noticed inconsistencies in the testimony after reviewing the two devices. They determined that Babes’ cell phone, which has an app that records his steps, accused him of moving during the period he was allegedly restrained. Caroline’s smartwatch showed that her heart had already stopped hours before the invasion.

Investigators also identified tampered security cameras at the site. The couple was arguing that night, and Caroline tried to book a place in a hotel to get away.

According to officials, Anagnostopoulos had drowned the family dog ​​to blame it on phantom criminals.

After eight hours of questioning, Babis reportedly confessed to the crime.

“That night we were arguing from a young age. One time she threw the baby into bed and asked me out of the house. She pushed and punched me. I strangled her and invented theft,” he said.

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