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Players switch to pause when returning to a save process • Eurogamer.pt

Players switch to pause when returning to a save process • Eurogamer.pt

This way they don’t need to restart the cycle.

Players finally got the needed save for Returnal, although it wasn’t official.

With Returnal 2, an update released last week, Housemarque has implemented a cycle suspension feature, which allows you to create a point where you can return to play when you have to pause mid-game to exit and that means turning off the console.

Now, Joseph Yaden and other players have discovered that they can turn the loop’s suspension point into a rescue tool that can be used over and over again and doesn’t force you to start over.

The method, which has been tested and confirmed by other players, includes a feedback hold which creates a point where you can play again. After you send your save to the cloud, simply retrieve the save from the cloud when you kill and start from the suspension point you created and not from the ship in the beginning.

Although this is not the most practical way to play Returnal and rather goes against the philosophies of the creators, it will certainly be necessary for some to eventually enjoy Returnal and complement it.

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