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Pixel 6 and 6 Pro: Google Camera signals possible news for the 2021 line

Pixel 6 and 6 Pro: Google Camera signals possible news for the 2021 line

Google has already announced Pixel 6 mobile phones with the new Tensor processor Today, new camera features from the next version of Search Giants were revealed by the Google Camera app reviewed by the XDA forum developers. Now see what you expect from them.

Starting with the possible specifications for the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro cameras, we have the following sheet:

  • Front camera:
    • Pixel 6: 8 mega pixels
    • Pixel 6 Pro: 12 Megapixel Sony IMX663
  • Main camera:
    • Samsung GN1 50 MP
    • Sony IMX386 Ultra Wide Angle 12MP
    • Sony IMX586 48MP telephoto with 4x zoom (Pixel 6 Pro only)

Speaking of the specifications, it must be said that the Pixel 6 Pro should have a wide-angle camera with zoom levels of 0.7x and 1.0x, according to the lines of code from Google Camera.

Moving on to the rear camera, XDA claims the Pixel 6 Pro should support it 4K video recording at 60 fpsHowever, this capability should be limited to the main camera, and others should be limited to 4K at 30fps with a maximum zoom of 7x on all of them. It is also said that it is possible to switch between all the cameras in this recording mode.

The feature that is not yet ready in the Google Camera icon is Manual white balance. With it, new controls should be displayed in the main interface of the application allowing the photographer to adjust many parameters to make the experience more professional.

In addition to manual white balancing, the Pixel 6 should also have a feature called magic rubber, which removes objects that obstruct the essential elements of photography through the artificial intelligence added to the TPU of the Tensor chip.

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Another interesting reference in the code is “Scene Lock‘, which was found in a few lines of code. XDA said they can’t figure out the Scene Lock function, but it’s likely related to focus or how the camera app works.

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A great feature is Face Deblur, which must use the main camera with the ultra-wide angle to get more details of the face by combining several photos taken in sequence with the GPU of the Tensor chip to create a more accurate HDR image.

Speaking of selfies, the Google Pixel 6 should receive Improved lighting when using the front cameraIt does not have a flash to assist this sensor. Also, the back flash may flash when a countdown photo is taken, indicating when it was taken.

Another improvement in portrait mode indicated in the lines of code is “Highlight photos“It can bring additional lighting to photos using artificial intelligence to create studio effects and even remove background from photos and replace it with one created by the Tensor chip.

Improvements should also come with “Frequent Faces Version 2‘, which should get major improvements with the TPU with the Tensor chip. As a reminder, repeated faces can identify and focus on people you’re taking multiple times when taking a photo.

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And that’s not all, the Pixel 6 should be Compatible with bluetooth accessory microphones, a new Top Shop mode which, for the time being, is codenamed “Aesthetic blessing“even”baby mode‘, which will be dedicated to taking pictures of children automatically by detecting the best angle.

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There is even a mention of the “Motion Blur” mode, which creates an artificial blur, already seen in 7.5 lines of the Google Camera code codenamed “lasagna”

Google Pixel 7

Finally, the Google Camera Code also mentioned the following version of the line: Pixel 7, which is referred to as “Pixel2022” and “PixelPipit,” the latter of which speaks of a type of bird.

It’s interesting to note that the code only talks about the Pixel 7 and not the Pixel 7 Pro, so will we only have one smartphone on the line next year? Unfortunately, it’s still too early to conclude anything about it, but we hope to see more about it in future versions of Google Camera.