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Pix worth R,512 and advance bonus for CLT worker

Pix worth R$1,512 and advance bonus for CLT worker

Every year, Brazilian workers eagerly await the launch of the PIS PASEP salary bonus, an essential source of additional income. This year, even more encouraging news arrived: the advance payment will allow the funds to reach beneficiaries sooner. Thanks to the new resolution before Federal Court of Audit (TCU).

The salary bonus, which was previously paid one year after entering the program, will now be paid in advance. This change aims to reduce historical payment delays and improve the financial situation of workers affected by the changes that occurred in 2021. Furthermore, the value of the bonus will be adjusted after the minimum wage increases, resulting in a maximum of R $ 1,512. For each beneficiary.

What will change in payment in 2024?

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In 2024, there was a major change in the PIS/PASEP payment schedule, benefiting more than 24 million Brazilians, including employees of private companies and public sector employees. This projection of amounts was implemented to provide faster financial relief to eligible workers.

However, the measure also raised concerns about its impact on public finances next year. Criteria for receiving the benefit include registration in PIS/PASEP for at least five years and working for at least 30 days during 2022. In addition, it is necessary to have an average monthly salary of R$ 2,848.

How to request PIX salary bonus?

The PIS withdrawal process has been simplified to make it easier for workers to receive their salary bonuses. Now, it is possible to obtain the feature in a convenient way by adding your CAIXA account through the CAIXA Tem app, at ATMs, at Casas Lotéricas or at CAIXA Aqui correspondents, as well as at CAIXA branches.

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For PASEP, the procedures are similar, with the option to deposit into a current or savings account at Banco do Brasil, or through the Gov.br portal for non-account holders. Ensuring that everyone can receive their benefits without complications. This year, a unified pay calendar will ensure that all workers receive their bonuses according to their birth month.