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Lola announces TCU’s decision on who will work on an official contract in 2023!  PIS of R$ 1,412!

Lola announces TCU’s decision on who will work on an official contract in 2023! PIS of R$ 1,412!

With planned investment around 1.9 billion Brazilian realsor Salary bonus Law and Justice Party/PASIB 2024 generates great expectations among Brazilian workers. This benefit is especially aimed at those born in May and June, and not only represents a vital financial support for many families, but also provides a major stimulus to the country’s economy.

To get this feature, you must meet some specific criteria: To be Registered with PIS/Pasep – He must have worked officially for at least five years for a period of no less than 30 days in the base year 2022, and must not exceed two monthly wages as a minimum during the work period.

Who can get a PIS worth R $ 1,412 in 2024?

To receive Law and Justice Party/PASIB In 2024, the following requirements must be met:

  • Be registered with PIS/Pasep for at least five years: This means that you must enroll in the program by 2019.
  • Have officially worked (signed contract) for at least 30 days in 2022: The work must be signed.
  • Earn an average of up to two months of minimum wage in 2022: The average salary will be calculated based on information from the Annual Social Information List (RAIS) or eSocial.
  • Enter data correctly in RAIS or eSocial: This responsibility falls on the employer.

PIS payment schedule:

The 2024 PIS/Pasep salary bonus payment began on May 15 and follows a staggered calendar according to the worker’s month of birth. The deadline for withdrawal is December 27, 2024.

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Birth month payday
January From February 15, 2024
February From March 15, 2024
March and April From April 15, 2024
May and June From May 15, 2024
July From June 17, 2024
August From June 17, 2024
September From July 15, 2024
October From July 15, 2024
November From August 15, 2024
December From August 15, 2024
PIS Calendar
PIS/Pasep salary bonus calendar

How will the PIS/PASEP salary bonus be paid?

Payments to account holders Caixa Economica Federal They will be implemented directly into the accounts, which greatly simplifies the receiving process. Those who do not have a Caixa account can make withdrawals directly at branches or through the Caixa Tem app, which provides easy access to digital withdrawals. This affordable method aims to prevent anyone from going without getting what they deserve.

What does TCU say about PIS advance payment?

Recently, Govt Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva Suggested for Federal Court of Audit (TCU) Reconsider the procedure that led to the postponement of benefit payment from 2023. Previously, PIS/Pasep was paid two years after obtaining the right, but according to a new decision, TCU Modified for one year only. This proactive measure could have a significant impact on the public purse Expectations of R$30 billion in 2025.

Managing this change It will be a challenge because the budget is limited. As indicated by the Budget Guidance Act for next year, the government will need approximately R$50 billion additional to reach the required level Desired financial goal. Not only that, but flexibility in payments could increase the incidence of outstanding debts carried over between years, which contradicts the principles of financial responsibility.

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How to withdraw PIS/Pasep?

  1. At ATMs and Caixa branches: Citizen Card or PIS/Pasep Social Card is required, as well as an ID document and card password.
  2. In the role of the lottery and CAIXA correspondents here: Submit the above documents and inform the accompanying person that you wish to withdraw PIS/Pasep.
  3. Online through Caixa Tem: Check your balance and make withdrawals directly through the app.

For those entitled to Pasep, administered by Banco do Brasil, the steps are similar, with withdrawals possible through ATMs, branches or bank correspondents.

This simplified guide provides practical guidance to ensure that no eligible worker misses out on the opportunity to receive a salary bonus, thus contributing to his or her financial stability and the Brazilian economy as a whole.

How to consult PIS in 2024?

There are several ways to check your PIS information, whether to check your balance, pay statement or whether you are entitled to a salary bonus:

1. Consult PIS online:

  • Digital business card application: Download the application to your cell phone and access it using your Gov.br account. There you will find information about PIS and other work benefits.
  • Caixa Trabalhador Application: The app is available for Android and iOS, and allows you to check your PIS balance, pay statement and salary bonus payment schedule.
  • Caixa Econômica Federal website: Log into the Caixa website and look for the “Salary Allowance” section to view information about the benefit.
  • Caixa Citizen Portal: Log in with your CPF and password to access information about PIS and other social benefits.
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2. Consult PIS by phone:

  • Caixa Call Center: Call 0800 726 0207 and select the ‘PIS’ option to get information about your benefit.

3. Consult PIS personally:

  • Caixa Econômica Federal Branches: Go to a Caixa branch with your personal documents to make an appointment.
  • Lottery houses: It is possible to check your PIS balance at lottery outlets, by presenting your registration number and identity document.

4. Important notes:

  • To refer to PIS, you will need your Social Registration Number (NIS), which can be found on your work card, citizen card or other documents.
  • Keep your registration data up to date to ensure correct receipt of information and benefits.

Remember if: The deadline to withdraw PIS/Pasep 2024 salary bonus is 27 December 2024. Don’t leave it until the last minute!