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PIS value updated?  See how much you are entitled to

PIS value updated? See how much you are entitled to

Caixa Economica Federal continues to issue PIS 2022 For those who worked with an official contract in 2020. Data from the Citizenship Ministry indicates that 400,000 people have not yet withdrawn the benefit, which was issued between February and March of this year.

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Even with the end of the transfers, retrieval of values ​​can still be carried out by Workers truly. Withdrawals will be available until December of this year. If someone misses this date, a new refund opportunity will only be allowed at the beginning of the next day PIS / Pasep . calendar.

Who can get the salary bonus in 2022?

In short, the salary bonus is paid in the year following the performance of paid activities under an official contract. However, due to the pandemic, PIS payments to employees of private companies have changed, with the program’s official schedule being pushed back by one year. The same thing happened with Pasep, intended for public servants.

As mentioned above, about 400,000 workers have not yet worked PIS 2022 Withdrawal. In this case, people who:

  • Worked on an official contract for at least 30 days in 2020;
  • During this period, they received a minimum wage of up to two months;
  • Correctly update the data in the annual list of social information (rice); And the
  • Be registered for at least 5 years in PIS/Pasep.

Updated value for PIS 2022

The benefit payments schedule is updated each year, using the current minimum wage as a reference. Given the base year 2020, and depending on the number of working months, the available values ​​can be:

  • 1 month of operation: R$101;
  • 2 months of operation: 202 R$;
  • 3 months of operation: R$ 303;
  • 4 months of operation: R$ 404;
  • 5 months of operation: R$505;
  • 6 months of operation: R$ 606;
  • 7 months of operation: R$707;
  • 8 months of operation: R$808;
  • 9 months of operation: R$909;
  • 10 months of operation: R$1010;
  • 11 months in operation: R$ 1,111;
  • 12 months in operation: 1,212 R$.
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What about PIS 2023?

Many workers want to know more about PIS 2023, whose base year is 2021. To date, the official transfer schedule has not yet been released. However, it is expected to be released early next year.

Regarding value, as in previous rounds, they will follow what is defined for the national floor. Currently, the minimum wage, R$1,1212, is also used as a reference for the payment of retirement, pension and social benefits, for example, continuous cash benefit (BPC).