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PicPay scam?  Check if the company offers BRL 200 via WhatsApp

PicPay scam? Check if the company offers BRL 200 via WhatsApp

If you received an offer to win 200 BRL via WhatsApp in the name of PicPay, you are good to be suspicious. a blowing It has claimed more victims all over Brazil. Criminals are pretending that the company is catering to customers to celebrate PicPay’s birthday.

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People need to be careful, because all this is just another one trick scammers. By clicking on the link, the victim runs a high risk of having his bank data stolen. No, even worse! Criminals can control the user’s cell phone remotely and cause even greater damage.

PicPay scam

According to the Federal Police, criminals send a Link For what could be a quiz, any game for the winners to guarantee a prize of R$200. They use the names of well-known companies for scams, such as PicPay, that have nothing to do with the criminals.

They send the following message via WhatsApp: “Share and win! Celebrating our birthday, we prepared something different, and you won the gift! We prepared a very interesting quiz. Make it to the end of the quiz and get a PIX worth 200 BRL! 98,971 people are participating now? 37,035 people received 200 BRL on PIX 5 minutes ago?”.

After answering the test questions, victims receive a new link. The message also indicates that after you follow the steps, the money will fall into winner of the joke.

In addition, to receive money, criminals also advise victims to complete another step, which is to send the same promotion to new contacts.

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According to the Federal Police, WhatsApp users who receive this type of message should not click on any link, not even to answer test questions.

Otherwise, victims may provide information that would allow criminals Opening Bank accounts, especially digital ones, as well as access to victim data and all other financial services.

In addition to not clicking on any link or file sent, each user must assemble Evidence As publications of conversations to search for civilian police to file a report.