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Photographer captures eagle carrying pepperoni pizza

Photographer captures eagle carrying pepperoni pizza

A US-based photographer has captured the moment an eagle finds and eats a pizza. View the logs

Isabela Oliveira

16 minutes ago

Pizza Eagle

Photo: Doug Gemmell/Facebook

Photographer Doug Gemmell captured the moment an eagle took off a pepperoni pizza in Connecticut, USA last Wednesday (8).

He told the website PetaPixel “Not really surprised” to see the vulture go after the pizza, as these birds tend to catch items before choosing whether to take them or not.

The photographer says he went to the area to photograph eagles “fishing” or “playing in the sky”. To do this, he walked through Wethersfield Cove. “I was standing on the bank below the parking lot when I noticed the eagle coming. When she got close to the ground and stretched her legs, I knew she was going to land,” he said.

According to Gemmell, birds aren’t the only animals interested in pizza. “I got several pictures of the eagle being chased by crows before disappearing from view. I don’t know if he was able to eat the pizza because the crows wanted that slice too.

Regarding the reception of the images, Gemmell said his work has entertained people on the Internet and created a fun debate about America’s iconic ethnic pizza tastes. “Even our national bird likes a good slice of pepperoni,” he joked.

A photographer with a passion for eagles, he loves to photograph everything from animals to landscapes. He posts his photos on Facebook, which include recordings of birds, otters, ducks and other creatures. For the eagle clicks, a Nikon D500 camera with a 200-500mm lens attached was used.

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Check out the images below: