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Gkay goes to Kim Kardashian’s dermatologist in the US.  Know the details  Metropolises

Gkay goes to Kim Kardashian’s dermatologist in the US. Know the details Metropolises

Influencer Gkay underwent a laser procedure to remove blemishes from Kim Kardashian’s dermatologist.

Gessica Kayane is based in Los Angeles, USA, and this Monday (13/3) she had the opportunity to receive one of the treatments used by some of the biggest American celebrities. The Brazilian influencer visited the clinic of dermatologist Simon Orion, who treats the Kardashian family. Through his stories, Gkay gave details of the laser procedure he had.

According to Gkay, the cool laser procedure is performed, which is used to remove blemishes and other skin imperfections: “What I’m going to do is the cool laser, and that’s what Kim [Kardashian] He did. And what is it for? Remove blemishes, pores, acne blemishes, and more from your skin. It’s collagen active that goes straight to the skin.


The influencer showed some practices on his social networks

Gkay is an actress, comedian and influencer
Gkay is an influencer

Finally, the influencer explained that he will use the ointment prescribed by the doctor to continue the skin treatment, and he already plans to return to the clinic to undergo new treatments: “Guys, I have already finished the procedure. Now, they are going to apply a cream and I can’t wash my face, I can only reapply it before going to bed. Doctor. Simon also does other procedures, so when I get back to Los Angeles, we’ve already arranged to do other things, including scars.

Gkay has undergone radical change in recent months

At the end of last year, Gkay went through a difficult period after being canceled due to a public argument with Fábio Porchat. By doing so, the influencer underwent radical change, transforming many aesthetic practices.

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In February, on the exact day (2/2), the digital influencer looked very different compared to before and after the removal process. She appeared with a more youthful and natural face after removing her lip and cheek fillers.

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