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Petrobras completes drilling of the deepest well in Brazilian history

With a difference of only 70 metres, Brazil has the deepest well in its history. the Petrobras On Friday (10), it announced the completion of the drilling of the first exploration well in block ES-M-669.

Arrive Depth 7700 meters and stay in pre-salt From the Espiritu Santo Basin. Until then, the deepest Paraty, discovered in 2005, was in the Santos Basin, at an altitude of 7,630 meters.

To address the depth of the well, the company said it is 1.3 times larger than Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain, located in Tanzania.

The exploration well is not intended for oil extraction. The goal is to know the geological characteristics of the excavated rocks and the presence of oil and gas reservoirs and the pressures in them. This is key to the company because the Munai well is on a new exploration frontier, and this information will be critical to the blocks and other areas in the basin.

The new well, located 145 kilometers from the coast, caused Petrobras to break a series of exploration records. The state-owned company had to overcome the largest salt layer ever excavated in the national territory, measuring 4,850 metres: six times the height of the Burj Khalifa, in Qatar, considered the tallest building in the world. The usual average thickness is up to 2.2 thousand meters in the Santos Basin, in which most of the reserves are concentrated.

The company acquired Block ES-M-669 in 2013, in the 11th round of the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) concessions. In the unit, the state-owned company is the operator with a 40% stake in a consortium comprising Equinor (35%) and Total (25%) of holdings.

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