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(crédito: Sajjad HUSSAIN / AFP)

Petition asks Jeff Bezos not to return from space

Posted on 06/22/2021 6:51 PM / Updated on 06/22/2021 6:52 PM

(crédito: Sajjad HUSSAIN/AFP)

Nearly 90,000 people have signed a petition that Jeff Bezos not return to Earth after a space flight by Blue Origin, which is run by the businessman. The description reads: “Billionaires should not be on Earth or in space, but they can choose to stay there.” The petition was posted on .’s website change.org It aims to collect 150,000 signatures.

The New Shepard project is expected to take off on July 20 from a desert in West Texas, in the United States. The flight will only take 10 minutes and the passengers, including Jeff and his brother Mark Bezos, will feel weightless.

In addition, the project will featureAnother passenger wins a $28 million charity auction to participate in Blue Origin’s first manned spaceflight. Proceeds will go to the Future Club Foundation, which supports young people to pursue careers in science and technology.

The capsule will pass the Kerman Line, which has a height of about 100 kilometers, which marks the boundary between the Earth’s atmosphere and space. Several successful tests were conducted with the New Shepard, but none of them had a crew.

Bezos, Who is considered the richest man in the world?He announced that he will step down as CEO of Amazon To focus more on other initiatives, such as the Blue Origin projects.

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