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Péricles, Emicida and Liniker Offers Free on Feira Preta 2021 - Metro World News Brasil

Péricles, Emicida and Liniker Offers Free on Feira Preta 2021 – Metro World News Brasil

The 20th edition of Vieira Preta, a black entrepreneurship and culture event, kicks off next Saturday (20), in virtual form. There will be 20 days of concerts, workshops, performances, artistic interventions and paintings, under the motto “There is a black future and it cannot be built alone”.

About 70 activities have been confirmed, with themes ranging from business at parties to affection and self-care. It’s all free.

Emicida opens the concert schedule, Saturday (20), at 5 p.m. At the other extreme, Liniker closes on December 10, at 9 p.m. Highlights include Péricles (December 2 at 9 p.m.), Afrocidade (December 4 at 7 p.m.) and Tasha & Tracie (November 21 at 7 p.m.) – all equally free.

“Celebrating the 20th edition of the Feira Preta is a milestone in terms of advancing the ethnic agenda on the page. That’s it. In an online format, we are once again taking on the challenge of entertaining and informing different audiences, promoting discussions, actions and networks that have the same impact as the exhibition In physical form,” says Feira Preta creator and CEO of PretaHub, Adriana Barbosa.

Previously held at the Memorial da América Latina, Vieira Prieta will be held online this year, with submissions via Facebook social networking site NS Instagram, in the official accounts of the event. The full schedule is available at The official website of the exhibitionBut you can also check it out below.

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Check out the full schedule:

11/20 (Saturday)

10 Hours – Fashion Movie – Party or Run

17 o’clock – Britta Sonora – Emeseda Show

7pm – Video mapping with Colectivo Coletores at Theatro Municipal

11/21 (Sunday)

10 AM – Black Fashion Experiences

5 pm – Brita Sonora – SP Perifas Grajaú receives Pagode da 27

19 Hours – Britta Sonora – The Tasha and Tracy Show

11/22 (Monday)

5:00 PM – Previous Talks: Technology Mines

7pm – Britta’s Speech: The Power of Collectiveness in Britta Creativity

11/23 (Tuesday)

10 AM – Britta takes care of herself – Discover Hearing Aid Points and apply them in your daily life

15 Hours – Britta Takes Care – Cyclic & Cri-Active

19:00 – Preta Talk: Black Acting and Entrepreneurship (with Orlando Silva, Erika Malunguinho, and Natalia Paiva)

11/24 (Wednesday)

5 p.m. – Pretatalk: For another money relationship (with Zezé Motta, Gabriela Mendes, MC Soffia)

11/25 (Thursday)

5 PM – Britta Talk: What is love? With actress Tice Araujo and philosopher Renato Nogueira

7 pm – Britta Sonora – The Walmer Burgess Show

11/26 (Friday)

10 o’clock – Britta Naccache: Podcasters Negros

5 p.m. – Britta Talk: Blacks lead Brita TV

7 PM – Black Friday – The Teresa Christina Show

11/27 (Saturday)

10 AM – Britta Airy – Chatting with Monica’s gang

11 a.m. – Britta Airy – Chat with Pretinhas Leitoras and actor Lázaro Ramos

17 hours – Africa Em Nos – Singing, African Singing and Aphrodisiac in Brazil

11/28 (Sunday)

10am – Lions Tasting Experience with Black Guide

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15 hours – SP Perifas Campo Limpo – Maracatu Congo de Ouro / Aisha

17:00 – SP Perifas Brasilândia – Thai Ulua

7pm – TODES: Talking about night and LGBTQIA+ activity, a conversation between Brazil and the UK.

9 p.m. – TODES: LGBTQIA + Ballroom. Amen Gathering opposite the Pozi Palace Gathering

11/30 (Tuesday)

7pm – BritaTalk – Afrolab experience at Casa Brita Hub in Cachoeira (BA)

20 Hours – Direct Store C&A (com Karol Conká)

01/12 (Wednesday)

7 PM – TODES – Chat about LGBTQIA + Music

12/2 (Thursday)

7 pm – Britta Sonora – Rikoncavo Bayano Samba

9 pm – Britta Sonora – Pericles Show

12/3 (Friday)

7 p.m. Britta Talk – Plural Feminists: Jamila Invites Rodney William and Teacher Marjorie Chavez

12/04 (Saturday)

10 a.m. – Preta Talk: Black Graffiti’s experiences with the Black Guide

Five in the evening – Sahar Ismail Evo

7 pm – Britta Sonora – Afroquidad Show

05/12 (Sunday)

3 PM – SP Perifs – Two Africans

17 Hours – SP Perifas – NP Audio

7 PM – LGBTQIA+ Street Mapping – Collectors vs. Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley Collective

9 p.m. – Preta Talk: Mapping Streets, Digital Art, and LGBTQIA+ Communities

06/12 (Monday)

5pm – Brita Talk: Investors – What is the path between investing and equity?

19:00 – Preta Talk – Career: opportunity, necessity or dream?

12/7 (Tuesday)

5:00 PM – Britta Talk: Alliances for the Cause

08/12 (Wednesday)

Five o’clock in the evening – Brita meeting – to black civil society organizations

7 PM – Preta Talk – Instagram Masterclass: From Algorithm to the Realm of Reels

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09/12 (Thursday)

19:00 – Brita Talk – Second International Meeting of Afro-Feminists in Appia Yala: Ancestral Techniques in the Diaspora

10/12 (Friday)

17 o’clock – Embina Nazura

7 PM – TODES – Talking about human rights and LGBTQIA communities +

9 PM – Britta Sonora – The Lineker . Show