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Eleven years later, the Arrow story has been copied by Gotham Knights

Featured in the United States by The CW and in Brazil by HBO Max, Gotham Knights divided general and expert critic opinion. In one of its most recent episodes, the DC series is reprising a popular Arrow plot more than a decade after the original broadcast.

The official synopsis for Gotham Knights reads: “After killing Bruce Wayne, his adoptive son forms an unlikely alliance with the children of Batman’s enemies when they are all charged with killing the Caped Crusader.”

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The Gotham Knights are led by Oscar Morgan (Warren), Olivia Rose Keegan (Days of Our Lives), Navya Robinson (Being Mary Jane), Fallon Smith (Lost in the West) and Misha Collins (Supernatural).

Below we show how Gotham Knights copied the Arrow story more than 11 years after the plot aired; paying off! (via ScreenRant)

Are Gotham Knights a rip-off?

According to ScreenRant, an important plot for the first season of Arrow appears to have been copied (almost) entirely by the Gotham Knights series, which is currently in its first year.

In “A Chill in Gotham,” the sixth episode of the first season of Gotham Knights, the teen heroes attempt to solve the mystery of a ledger found along with millions of dollars from the Court of Owls.

The book in question is written under a kind of code, based on a digital cipher that defies the best efforts of the protagonists.

That’s why, as a last resort, Stephanie Brown enlists the help of her father – a famous TV presenter who’s adept at cracking codes.

Despite his refusal to help Stephanie with what the young woman describes as only “homework”, Arthur Brown comforts his daughter with the following line: “My little Sherlock. Fear not. You will eventually find out” (My little Sherlock. do not worry. You’ll find out eventually).

It doesn’t take long for the protagonists to realize that the letter is, in fact, evidence. Arthur Brown refers to Sherlock Holmes’ book The Valley of Fear, in which Professor Moriarty and his minions use a coded book to send secret messages.

From this clue, the Gotham Knights are able to decipher the code and discover that the ledger does, in fact, bring up the address of several institutions connected to the shady business of the Court of Owls.

Many Arrow fans have noted that the plot is almost identical to the one in Robert Quinn’s slate in the first season of the DC series.

Before he sacrifices himself to give his son another chance, Robert Quinn shows Oliver a seemingly blank notebook.

Eventually, Green Arrow discovered that the notebook was filled with notes written in invisible ink, listing the many corrupt deals involved in Malcolm Merlyn’s undertaking project.

The list, as this notebook has become known, outlines all of Oliver Queen’s targets throughout Arrow’s first season. By all indications, the Court of Owls book will be used in a similar manner in the first year of Gotham Knights.

In Brazil, episodes of Gotham Knights are available on HBO Max.

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