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Perfect Love: Gilda tries to convince Julio to stay away from Marie and he gets kicked out | Come to me about – come

Perfect Love: Gilda (Mariana Ximenes) tries to convince Julio (Daniel Rangel) to stay away from Mari (Camila Queiroz) and dump him – Image: TV Globo

Conspiracies and many conspiracies

And to get a man out of her way, and especially out of Mary’s way, the redhead begins to intrigue.

“Julio! I still haven’t congratulated you on being a lawyer. But I confess I didn’t like knowing that you were committed to freeing a murderer,” she says, who continues to persuade him to drop the case:

“If I were you, I would think twice before taking on the case of a murderer like María Elisa. That might make it very difficult for you to get other clients. Unless, of course, you intend to specialize in the defense of criminals.”

In Perfect Love, Julio (Daniel Rangel) tells Gilda (Mariana Ximenes) that he examined Marê’s (Camila Queiroz) operation and saw many flaws – Image: TV Globo

Without Gilda’s patience and resentment, Giulio tells her that he examined the operation and saw serious flaws, explaining that Mary was hurt.

Gilda adds, “Open your eyes, young man. I know Mary much better than you. That girl is a manipulator. She has an amazing ability to seduce people.”

Julio shrugs and assures the villain that the truth will come out and justice will be done.

In Perfect Love, Gilda (Mariana Ximenes) doesn’t like Julio’s (Daniel Rangel) answer – Image: TV Globo

Point for the boys!!!!!

Scenes will air on this Monday’s episode, 3/27, of Perfect Love

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Orlando admits to Estefao that he will never forget Mary. Gaspar threatens Katarina. Marcelino asks the monks and priests about Rosa, believing her to be his mother. Gilda demands that Gaspar find Ronaldo and get rid of the former employee. Mary suffers from not being with her son. Monks and priests admire Marcelino’s drawing of his family. Julio confronts Errico about his role in Marie’s case. Tobias teases Marcelino. Anselmo does not like Erico and Veronica’s approach. Odilon asks Elza to put up with their affair. Orlando arrives in Brazil.

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