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“I have a lot of chest …”; Iran Malfitano, Formerly of A Fazenda, ‘Kicks the Bucket’ and Explains He Won a Role at Globo for an Unusual Reason


The actor was surprised when he revealed that Radio World is looking for him because of an unusual feature

Photos: Reproduction / Iran Malfitano’s official Instagram.

Iran Malfitano He caused a lot of uproar on social networks due to his controversial participation in A Fazenda 14, a rural reality show featured by RecordTV. After winning third place in the program, The actor started a relationship with Barbara Borges, who won the attraction.

In an interview with the Papagaio Falante podcast, the actor ended up revealing that he got a role in a work by Rede Globo for an unusual reason. The TV series in question was Cubanacan, in which he played the character of the son of Humberto Martins and, by choosing those responsible for the plot, he was chosen because he had a lot of hair on his chest.

Reproduction / Official Instagram of Iran Malfitano.

“I would have done Malhação and Lombardy would have written Kubanacan… Then [produtor da Globo] They reached out to me and said, “There’s a character here for you, but we need to talk.” Then I go and Lombardi says to me: ‘We need an actor to be the son of Humberto Martins and you’re the only one of your generation with a hairy chest’Iran Malfitano said.

“I have a lot of chest hair, but in my armpits I have none”He continued. Finally, the actor still revealed some details about his intimate get-together. “You have to download (…) it can’t be Claudia Ohana’s style”said Iran Malfitano, enjoying the situation.

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