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"People invent" · TV news

“People invent” · TV news

after, after Three day trip to Orlando, USA, Simon Mendes returned to Brazil on Saturday (13). The singer posted videos on social media, and showed gifts that she took to her son and showed her Reunion with her husband, Kaka Deniz. The two kissed and joked about the possibility that she had “run away” abroad.

“The joy of going home: The pup got a scooter in a backpack,” she began on Instagram Stories, showing her oldest son, Henry, enjoying the game. Then she pointed to her husband and asked, “Shall we go for a walk?”

“Hi, cat. Let’s have lunch,” replied Denise, and I approached the woman and kissed her. He jokingly asked, “Did you come back from Orlando? Did you run away there?” Simaria’s sister replied, “I have returned to the glory of God. She is bound. People invented her, they saw her. God forbid! Mercy, Lord.”

Simone explained that she was going to have lunch with her family, after which she posted a picture in the car next to her husband. Kaka Deniz was the target of rumors that Simaria would fall in love with himThis would cause a rift between the sisters. However, he has already denied this matter on various occasions. country duo I did not talk about the case.

In the early hours of Wednesday morning (10), Simone posted a video showing her plane landing in Orlando and explaining why she was traveling without her husband. He said, “I came to solve some work, my business. I solved it at the last minute. Three or four hours before the flight, I bought the ticket bye!”

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The singer said that her sister’s defense about the rumors of Denise did not come.

The artist was also on a Michael Buble show and was placed with the Canadian singer backstage. In Simone’s profile picture comments, Your husband left an angry emoji in the joke: “Who is this? The ugly man.”

Simon has a mansion in the US and has already toured the property In a video on their YouTube channel. The house has seven bedrooms—each with a different theme: Harry Potter, Lego, Disney and Michael Jackson, among others—and an American-style kitchen, living and dining rooms, and a games room.