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"I won't react as much."

“I won’t react as much.”

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Karina Bacchi has defended herself and said she does not condone racist ideas

Karina Bacchi spoke again about the Giovanna Eubank case
© Reproduction / Instagram / @karinabacchiKarina Bacchi spoke again about the Giovanna Eubank case

Karina Bachi It became news in the week since he commented on the issue of racism plaguing Titi and Bliss, the couple’s sons Bruno Juggleshey Giovanna Eubank. The family was on a trip to Portugal when the children were offended by a woman. In response, Giovanna had a protective backlash with the boys that went on record and the content went viral on social media.

In an interview with the podcastPositivelyKarina claimed that she agreed with Giovanna’s defense, but cautioned about the kind of message she was passing on to her children. The lines didn’t pick up well and celebrities loved it Pokah, Disclosed. “You will never need to defend your son,” said a voice.I don’t have to“.

This Friday (12), Karina He made himself clear on social media and announced that he had no intention of offending anyone. “I am sorry if I did not understand. I began to not condone, let alone support, any racist position. I would never feel the pain of so many, though daily I wish to heal the wounds, though I also feel my own and the pain of others, which I don’t often share it.”

“Mine intention You’ll never get hurt, because I still want to see more Hello In the world. And even receiving insults from those who distort my words or believe in something they do not know deeply. However, I also attacked, I will not respond with the same measure, I will continue to desire peace,” she concluded.

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