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Pedriño takes over the position of Vasco president: “I came to monitor and demand” |  Vasco

Pedriño takes over the position of Vasco president: “I came to monitor and demand” | Vasco

Pedriño is officially the new president Vasco. Winner of the election held in November last year, the former player and commentator took office on Monday night, in an official event at the club's maritime headquarters.

Pedriño, Vasco's new boss, says he will monitor and take charge

Before signing the document that made him official president, Pedrinho stated that the priority would be to seek dialogue with 777 Partners, the company that owns 70% of the club's football.

– It is a great honor to represent thousands of fans in this new role. Regarding the Sudanese Armed Forces, we will always try to engage in dialogue. But as I say, my work is Vasco, I am Vasco. The dialogue is always open, and it's always a pleasure to talk about football and contribute. Since I took the oath, I've made myself available for that, and it's always been my job to do that, and even now, since I'm not president yet, I think that will make it easier. Whoever owns 30%, may be a minority, must be heard, and the intention is always to help and cooperate. I have rights and duties in relation to the association, which is to monitor, be responsible and fight for the club and the fans, and this is what I came and prepared myself for. Dialogue will be the first option to make things successful. I support Vasco, so I will work for Vasco.

The Social Club, of which Pedriño is president, owns the remaining 30%. But the former player confirms that numbers and percentages do not matter to him, and the mission is to ensure the best for the club.

this does not bother me. Anyone who knows me knows that I have no ego about power and having the final vote. I know I'm not even in the top 10 players in Vasco's history, and that doesn't make me inferior in any way. But I also know that with the love of the fans, I can be on the front shelf. The fan will look at me and recognize me, because he sees the truth, he sees the feelings, he knows my story and my whole relationship with Vasco. I want to contribute to the promotion of Vasco, whether by 1%, 10%, 30% or nothing, as was the case before. I don't support the company or the brand, I support Vasco. I have prepared myself and am working in Vasco. He added: All that will improve for Vasco is what is done.

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Who takes office with Pedriño

  • Paolo Salomao – Senior General Vice President
  • Renato Brito – Second General Vice President
  • Alain Bellaciano – President of the General Assembly

Pedriño is inaugurated as President of Vasco – Photo: Photos: Dikran Sahagian/Vasco da Gama

At the age of 46, Pedriño takes over the presidency from Jorge Salgado for the period 2024-2026. He was the candidate for the Semper Vasco ticket.

Over the past two months, Pedrinho has been involved in the transition process and working behind the scenes at the club, getting to know the situation in all areas.

-Communication taught me a lot. Obviously I studied to be there in that place, and I tried to communicate in a simpler way so that the other would understand, but I tried to bring something new to the communication. What I realized here is to be honest, to speak to the soul, not to be personal. Here I am Pedrinho, a human being with feelings, who will make mistakes and make things right. This is me. I will never do or say anything that I cannot achieve. Fans want transparency. I saw a quote from Leila about contract secrecy and asked her why if the fans are the club's greatest asset… That's it, transparency with the fans.

But from now on only he will be able to respond as president of Vasco. This is the first time that the former player holds any position within the policy of the club that launched him on the field.

Pedriño's inauguration speech

“I want to emphasize that I am looking for this Vasco, people who can fight in different situations. But when the second step happens, I treat it with respect. I am not older than Vasco, Levin is not like that, no one.” “When I was from abroad, things were never good. I talk about the cause of humanity, treating people with love and affection. I never understood the political fights. Vasco fans can't stand this anymore. My participation represents that, for people to respect each other, and let The opposition must watch, demand, but fight for a better Vasco.

I'll give some quick thanks. Everything I have to say, Alan has already said. Alan, President of the General Assembly, Jaime Ribeiro, Vice President. The president of the beneficiary council, Antonio Peralta, has seen me here since I was 6 years old. To my deputies, Paulinho Salomao and Renato Brito. Many thanks to the benefactors present. There's a lot of history from you here. To the elected members of the Council, I would like to thank Claudette, Maria Conceição, Patricia and Sabrina. To my friends… I'm sorry Edmundo, everything I was going to tell you, Alan has already said. Felipe, one of my superiors sitting here. To Cristiano Campos, who has a special contribution for me to be here. For Arthur, Marcelo Tangerina, Caixeira and everyone else, it feels embraced. To the members of the construction council.

The day passed with me and what Vasco taught me was very powerful. People questioned my departure from the country's biggest broadcaster, having been elected best commentator four times, because of this challenge of heading Vasco. I make it clear that I am well equipped to manage Vasco. I always asked people to do something different to help Vasco. For me, it was a relief. Good salary and talking about Vasco. It showed that people can work towards a sports project. I can assure you that today's project is Vasco's. It's not a personal project. Let this be very clear

I work for Vasco. Who voted for me and who didn't? Unfortunately, the establishment was small. But even when I was playing football and being an athlete, I heard how important it all was. It really bothers me to see the lack of respect for the institution. We need progress in sports performance, structure, debt and social responsibility. I want to tell all of you here that my role is to monitor, demand, be proactive and transparent with regard to the SAF. That's what I'll do. Be transparent with audiences

I'm not even in the top 10 in Vasco's history. Here we have one among the top three, Edmundo. But I know that I have a special place in my fans' hearts. They see the truth in me when it comes to Vasco da Gama. I will respect that no one is bigger than Vasco. We are Vasco. thank you all.”