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Palmeiras trains with the return of Bekrez and Gabriel Menino |  Palm trees

Palmeiras trains with the return of Bekrez and Gabriel Menino | Palm trees

After debuting in a draw against Novorizontino, the Palm trees The team returned to the football academy on Monday morning and trained with two new players: left-back Bekrez and midfielder Gabriel Menino, who worked with the team.

Palmeiras draws with Novorizontino in Paulista's debut

Bekrez was on an individual schedule to prevent injuries and therefore missed Verdau's match in Game 1 last Sunday.

Gabriel Menino, in turn, has been absent since the end of October last year, due to surgery following an injury to his right ankle.

Gabriel Menino will resume coaching Palmeiras in 2024 – Photo: Cesar Greco/Paleiras

And so on, Palm trees The 2024 season begins with only one absence from the medical department now: striker Dodo, who underwent surgery on his right knee due to a torn cruciate ligament and is trying to return to action in the first half of the year.

Endrik also missed out on Verdão in his Paulista debut, however, because he is in the pre-Olympic period with the Brazilian national team.

Bekrez in Palmeiras training in 2024 – Photo: Cesar Greco / Palmeiras

On Monday morning, the main players in the match conducted recovery work inside the Center of Excellence, while the rest went to the field to carry out technical activities while completing training for the under-20 children. At the end of the movement, there was still work to improve the finishing.

Hey Palm trees He returns to training on Tuesday afternoon and returns to the field again on Wednesday, at 9:35pm, against Inter de Limeira, at Allianz Parque.

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